Rooting for the Underdog

Tonight is one of two must watch Dallas Stars games for me this season. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch just about any hockey, and I catch a lot of Stars’ games, since they are broadcast on local stations and I have friends with TV packages. However, two times each season, the Stars play my Montreal Canadiens, and there are very few plans that interfere with me watching those games.

I was born in the Montreal area, so the Canadiens are my home team and I am always excited to watch them play.

In 2010, I went to watch the Canadiens when they were in Dallas. My best friend, Sydney, got cheap tickets through school, so we dressed up and went. Montreal lost, but I got to watch Carey Price play in person for the first time.


In 2013, my step-mom surprised my dad for Christmas with tickets for the whole family to see the Canadiens @ Stars game that was coming up the following week. We had planned a watch party at my dad’s and I had to call some of my friends and cancel since I would be at the actual game. Some bitterness still exists over that. The Canadiens won that game.


In 2014, my boyfriend, Michael, got us tickets to see the Canadiens play. We had a blast taking the DART to the AAC and watching the game. I was pretty disappointed when my team lost. When the Stars went to Montreal that same season, we watched at a friend’s house. I made poutine (my favorite food) for everyone and was the sole Canadiens fan. I was pretty happy when they won.


This season, my step-mom took my dad and the rest of the family, boyfriends included, to game again. We had awesome seats and a great time was had by all, even though the Canadiens lost the game.


Tonight is the second and final meeting of my two teams for the 2015-2016 season. I plan on watching with some friends as the Canadiens take on the Stars at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Leading up to most of the other games, I always was fairly confident that my Habs (nickname for the Canadiens) had at least a chance at winning. That is not the case for this game.

The Canadiens have been plagued by injuries this season. They started out very strong, but when Carey Price got hurt the second time, the downward spiral started. Since then, the Canadiens have not been able to recover. The injury list for tonight is 8 names long, most of them key players. They are 3-5-2 for their last 10 games and are currently riding a 4 game losing streak. They will not be making the playoffs this season. They really are the underdog in this game.

The Stars have had some ups and downs this season, but they are still tied for the lead in the Western Division. They have the same 3-5-2 record for the last 10 games, but that is out of the norm for them. They are finding ways to get the wins they need to stay neck and neck with Chicago at the top. On a day to day basis, this makes me happy and makes the Stars fun to watch. Tonight is different, though. Tonight, they play my team and I need them to not be so good.

So tonight I am managing my expectations. I expect my Habs will lose and will therefore be less disappointed when they do. On the off chance they win, there will be much celebrating, even if everyone I watch it with is sad.

Go Habs Go!


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