Mid-March Rewind

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Whew! It is already the 15th of March. This month is flying!

I have been trying to come up with regular features to have on the blog and I decided to come up with some kind of rewind of my life lately, since I work full-time and don’t necessarily always have time to write an individual post for everything I do. I decided to start out with a mid month rewind and then another one at the end of the month and see how it goes. So here is my mid-March rewind.


I started March out with going to the podiatrist and getting my foot taped. Yay!


What did I do to it, you ask? Well, I ran. I know impressive story. Turns out I have pronated feet and when I decided to run again, all the extra activity caused my big toe joint to jam up and cause me a lot of pain. Good news is that the tape came off after 4 days and now I have lovely shoe inserts to make sure my feet stay where they are supposed to.

Friday, March 5, Michael and I went to watch the Stars play the NJ Devils. We had seats way up high, but it was a lot of fun still. Plus, the Stars won!

The weather was absolutely beautiful that first weekend, so one of our friends invited Michael and I to go out on the lake on his family yacht. It was a great way to spend a free Saturday afternoon.


Last Monday, my half-brother had his 8th birthday. We went to lunch with him, my dad and my step-mom the Sunday before to celebrate. It’s a big deal for me because he is my only sibling whose whole life I remember.

Ignore the date stamp!

Also, last week I launched this blog, which was super exciting! I had been thinking about doing it for a long time and finally took the plunge. I wrote a hockey post, and my team proved me wrong when they won that night against the Stars. I received the applications for the Terry Scholarship interviews I am helping with next month. It is a lot of reading, but something I do with a happy heart. My best friend, Sydney and I also booked our hotel room and her flight for our trip to Gruene and Austin in May. I am so excited about this! Look for a post about this trip!

This past weekend was a big family weekend for me. Michael went on a guy’ motorcycle trip to Central Texas with some friends so I had the entire weekend to catch up on some much needed family time. I did volunteer to watch his dog, Chewie for the weekend which was pretty fun.

Saturday, I drove out to Arlington to see my dad, step-mom and half-brother. It was great to have lunch with all three of them. I also had tons of fun nerding out with my Dad and half- brother, playing a Firefly game all afternoon. Chewie did surprisingly well having two other dogs around. He is not very social with other dogs, but he got used to my dad’s two dogs pretty quickly.

chew and banjo
Chewie and my dad’s little dog, Banjo.

That night, my older sister came over to my dad’s and we all went to dinner at a Russian restaurant. It was an interesting experience.

Sunday, I went to early service at church and then picked Chewie up from the apprtment before heading to my mom’s house for our weekly Sunday lunch. My two step-brothers were very excited to have Chewie over and to be able to take him to the park.

brades and chew
The youngest step-brother, Brady and Chewie

Yesterday, Michael got back from his trip. I’m still not sure who was more excited to see him, me or Chewie. I do know my cat, Mouse, was excited to get rid of our house guest. He tolerates Chewie pretty well, but always seems happier once Chewie leaves.

Mouse & chew
Mouse and Chewie after my work-out

Today is payday at work, which will be my first paycheck reflecting my new raise! Yay for hard work paying off!

Things I’m looking forward to before the end of March:

  • Terry Alumni BBQ & Meeting
  • Easter with the family (mom side)
  • Michael’s Plate/Birthday Party


I hope you enjoyed this little look into my life so far this month!


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