H54F: April Showers Bring May Flowers

H54F: April Showers Bring May Flowers

I can’t believe it is already the end of April. Since this blog is new, it is still evolving quite a bit. Now that I am regularly doing H54F with Della, Tif & Katie, I will no longer do my mid month and end of month recaps! You can catch up on my weekly life every Friday now!

It has been so not nice weather here. We had a major storm on Tuesday and ever since then it has been muggy and gray. I just heard some thunder. More storms tonight!

  1. Saturday, we pretty much spent the whole day outside. We went to my little brother’s baseball game and I got sunburned! I put on sunscreen, but not very well apparently. Then after ice cream with my Uncle and his daughters (they live in OK so I don’t get to see them that often), Michael and I headed out to Date Night in Farmers Branch. They have food trucks set-up and then after dark they have a movie. We went with two other couples and had lots of fun.Snapchat-8627984025652722215
  2. Sunday was sister time with the little sister. We had lunch with my mom and then went window shopping while my car was in the shop. We also caught the end of the Stars game and watched them win to advance t o Round 2 of the playoffs. They play Game 1 against St. Louis tonight! I, also, went on a 7 mile bike ride when I got home. My city has some great trails really near my apartment and I love it! I saw ducks with little ducklings. I love being out in nature and enjoying God’s beautiful creation.
  3. Tuesday, my older sister and I started Weight Watchers together. We both have been struggling a lot recently with our weight so we are doing this together. I found some fantastic recipes and had yummy food all week while staying in my points.
  4. Wednesday was Administrative Professionals’ Day. I am as close to an Admin as we have in the office so my bosses showered me with gifts: flowers, balloon and a couple gift cards. That night, we went to the local ECHL team’s, Allen Americans, Game 7 of Round 1. They won and also move on to Round 2!
  5. Last night was relax night for Michael and I. I think I am fighting off some sickness, so instead of hitting the gym we took Chewie on a long walk in the nature preserve near Michael’s apartment. We cooked some chicken and spinach for dinner together. It was great to cook side by side! Then, we went out with Michael’s roommate to get Bahama Buck’s. Soooo good, especially if you get their sugar-free Thin Ice flavors.

Well that was a full week! Check out my post from earlier this week about my new clothes for the season (includes the outfit in the cowboy hat picture).

Things I’m looking forward to this coming week: Terry Annual Picnic & the start of the National Bike Challenge!

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Spring/Summer Wardrobe

I did something a little different this year when it comes to switching seasons as far as clothes go. I usually do a quick browse of my closet, but away any obvious winter clothes (whether they still fit or not) and then just add new clothes as I get them. This year I decided to really clean out my closet.
I started by pulling out all my clothes that I had not worn since moving into my new place back in August, including the stuff in storage. I tried it all on and separated it into different piles: Keep, Send to Thred Up, Sell on Poshmark and Toss. I kept very few things. I sent any clothes that are considered upscale and were still in good condition to Thred Up. I ended up getting $7.60 back, not bad. Most of my stuff is in my Poshmark closet. It’s mostly stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore. The Toss pile consisted of clothes with rips and tears.
Once I cleaned out my closet (and figured out I did NOT need new hangers), I started to do some shopping for seasonal clothes. Below are the clothes I have picked up so far.

1. Madden Girl Bennie Sandal: I got these in black. I have worn them once so far and have loved them! Super comfy and I can usually get at least three years out of my Steve Madden/Madden Girl shoes.

2.LC Lauren Conrad Lace Tee: The top I got is this same berry color, but a different design on the front. It works great with slacks or jeans. This was part of my Valentine’s Day shopping trip courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend.

3.LC Lauren Conrad Crepe Blazer: I am in love with this blazer. Perfect for the warmer months. See how I wore it with a dress here. Also, part of the V-Day shopping.

4.ELLE Mixed-Media Crisscross Tank: The one I got is a light pink with flowers at the bottom. I can wear it with slacks and my blazer and then change into shorts for some time outside. I am all about clothes that can be casual or dressy. This was the last piece from the V-Day shopping.

5.Cut-Out Swing Blouse: This I just got over the weekend. It was on sale for $12.00 so I couldn’t help myself. Old Navy is my weakness.

6.Printed High-Neck Trapeze Tank: I got mine in a lavender color. I really like the high neck and the light feel. The downside is it seems to always be wrinkly.

7.Printed-Swing Tank: This is probably my least favorite purchase. I liked the bright color and in the dressing room it looked cute. Once I wore it all day, I figured out that it didn’t quite lay right on me so I was constantly adjusting it.

8.Mock-Neck Swing Tank: I love the cut-outs on this top and the light smoky gray color. I do have to wear a cami under because of the cut-outs, but I don’t mind.

9.Everyday Twill Shorts: I love Old Navy’s Twill Shorts. I bought these in khaki because I have a pair in gray and a pair  in black that I almost fit back into. (I couldn’t get myself to part with either).

10. Cuffed Linen Shorts: I cannot express how much I love these shorts. I got them in the blush color and they are amazing. The color is enough to be fun, but still quite neutral. I love that they are drawstring. I just started Weight Watchers, so these shorts can be worn all summer even when I lose weight!

I did use my Thred Up credit to buy some red shorts and a teal top. They should be shipping any day now. I am so excited!

What are some of your recent spring/summer buys?

This post is not sponsored, but I do get a small amount of money for people clicking or buying from the links. All opinions are my own.
Here are referral codes for Thred Up and Poshmark if you want to try them out.
Thred Up: http://www.thredup.com/r/MJEVHD
Poshmark: JKEPW



H54F: Camping Edition

So last Thursday was Michael’s and my 2nd dating anniversary. We decided to take the weekend for ourselves and go on a camping trip. It was so much fun and really the highlight of my week, so I am doing my whole High Five for Friday on the camping trip and what I loved about it.


  1. Purtis Creek State Park: The park was beautiful and really not that far from home for us. It took us only an hour and a half to get there in 6pm Dallas traffic. Check-In was relatively easy. There was a short line and the rangers on site were really talkative with everyone. They have three different types of camp sites. They have some have a lot with electricity and water hook ups that you can drive right up to and park your RV if you have one. They also have sites with just water hook up. The parking is a few yards away, but the site has a tent pad, lantern pole, picnic table and fire ring with an attached grill. This was the type of site we reserved. The last type is their primitive sites. These are a mile or so from any parking and only come with the lantern pole and fire ring. The fire ring does have a grill attachment that can swing over the top for use.IMG_20160416_172947239
  2. Sleeping in a Tent: We got a large tent, but I was still pretty nervous about sleeping in it. I had an air mattress and I slept through the whole first night without any problems until about 6am. I woke up with a full bladder and the restrooms were a good five minute walk from us. I ended up going back to sleep for an hour before the need was absolutely dire. I was surprised how well I slept and how refreshed I felt in the morning.

    This picture makes me want to get back to working out more!
  3. Canoeing: We went canoeing on Saturday morning. There is a small lake that is part of Purtis Creek SP and they have canoe, kayak and paddle boat rentals. Canoeing is a lot of work, but also a super fun way to get some good exercise. We stayed out there for a few hours and had our pre packed sandwiches for lunch. I was amazed by the beauty all around me. Anytime I find myself surrounded by nature, I am so overwhelmed with what a beautiful world my Lord has created. We saw some turtles and frogs which I loved!
  4. Cooking Over a Fire: Saturday night, we made camping Mac & Cheese. We used this recipe I found on Pinterest and added ham to it for some protein. Michael is an Eagle Scout so he was a master at making a fire. We bought some fire wood on site that afternoon after taking our showers (the showers were pretty nice for public showers). He built a great fire and then made our dinner. It was so great. We even managed to watch the Stars playoff game through the Slingbox app on my phone hooked up to a portable charger (thanks Sprint for unlimited data).

    Where I spent most of Saturday afternoon.
  5. Overall Relaxation: This was by far the most surprising benefit of the whole trip for me. I had always thought that camping would be really stressful for me. I am not super high maintenance, but showers and washed hair are an everyday thing for me. I wasn’t sure about sleeping practically outside and dealing with all the bugs. Plus what would I do for the whole trip? It turns out the trip was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done in a while. Saturday afternoon I spent reading on my Kindle. I finished the book I was reading and started a new one. I think it helped that I went with an experienced camper. Michael knew what to do in all situations which meant I just had to be helpful and not come up with the ideas. I came home Sunday feeling fully relaxed and refreshed (after shower in a private bathroom, of course)

    We saw so many of these. They kept falling on my chair and Kindle.

I definitely recommend camping to anyone who hasn’t tried it. I am pushing it as an idea with my family for an easy weekend trip. If you leave nearby, check out Purtis Creek, but I definitely recommend making a reservation.

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Third Thursday Threads: Blazer

Last week, I stumbled across Briana’s Third Thursday Threads announcement for April. I was pretty excited that it was blazers because I got a new blazer for Valentine’s Day that I love. This outfit is actually one I wore for the first time at the Terry Interviews.

Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad Crepe Blazer (Exact)/ Dress: Old Elle Fit and Flare (similar)/ Necklace: Christmas Gift (similar)/ Shoes: Old Steve Madden (similar)/ Purse: Charming Charlie (exact)/ Watch: Pebble Time Round (exact)

I love this blazer because it’s long and flowy! It doesn’t have a button in the front which is great for me. I’m kind of chesty so sometimes things that fit everywhere else don’t fit across my chest. I also love that it has pockets. It’s also made of a pretty thin fabric so I can wear it into the spring in Texas.


I wasn’t sure about wearing it with a short dress at first. I thought I might look a little weird, but when I first tried it with this blue dress I sort of fell in love with the outfit. I originally wore it with black heels, but my office is really business casual so for today I wore a pair of strappy Steve Maddens to dress it down a bit.

I’m regretting not doing my hair after looking at these pictures. Ever have those days when you feel like you have major fat face? That is today for me, but life goes on right! By the way, I took all these pictures. I found this new app on my Pebble watch that lets me access my phone camera and take photos from there. Obviously, my photography skills need some work!


I can’t wait to put this with some other spring work outfits. What are some of your favorite pieces for spring work wardrobe?


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High Five For Friday: Mid-April Rewind

I decided to do my Mid- April Rewind High Five for Friday Style! It’s been a busy month for me, but mostly from work and not so much personal stuff.

Love getting all dressed up and this Betsey Johnson dress (exact)
  1. On April 2nd, the UT Dallas Terry Scholars celebrated being on the UT Dallas campus for 10 years. So much has changed since I started as a Terry Scholar seven years ago. It was a great excuse to buy a new dress and get to see Michael all dressed up. It was a really fun evening.
  1. On April 7 & 8, I got to be on an interview panel for the next generation of Terry Scholars at UTD. It is a process that I love to take part in, but it is a long two days. We interview 30 high school seniors over the span of 2 days. It gets stressful sometimes, but at the end I am always humbled by the fact that seven years ago, 6 people chose me to get the very same scholarship. The stress-free part of the interviews: the Foundation puts us up in a nice Dallas hotel for a couple nights.
  1. Last Saturday, Michael and I spent the day getting ready for our camp out this weekend. I am so excited. I have never been camping! We aren’t going very far, but it should still be fun. We bought a massive eight person tent for the two of us. It has room divider and a front porch area. Please let me know if you have any camping tips!
Half my face got cut out (Photo Credit: My Step-Mom)
  1. Sunday was another busy day! We celebrated my NeNe and Granddaddy’s 51st wedding anniversary at El Chico after church. These two are so great together and they chose to be my grandparents. They are actually my step-mom’s parents, but since they live so close and my other grandparents don’t, they have had the most active role in my life. We also went out and took family pictures in the afternoon. I will be putting some of those up when we get them.
This was not taken on our 2 year anniversary, but it’s one of my faves.
  1. Yesterday was Michael’s and my 2 year dating anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been that long. We have known each other for 5.5 years, but only have been dating for 2. It has been a crazy two years and I know I have grown a lot in that time. We spent the evening shopping and preparing food for the camping trip (we leave tonight) and of course watching the Dallas Stars win their first game of the 2016 NHL Playoffs. I was keeping an eye on the other games as well. Hopefully, my bracket stays in tack for a while.

Anyway, that is my April so far.

Things I’m looking forward to before the end of the month:

Camping this weekend

Getting the family pictures back

A less busy end of the month


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April Small Goals

Okay! So March was not a good month for goals! I failed at a majority of them, but it’s all about trying again in April, right?

  1. Finish the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Fail! Unfortunately! I was doing super well until Easter weekend. I missed a couple days and figured I would make them up, but then I missed most of the rest. But I did sign up for The Balanced Life Sisterhood, so hopefully I can stay on track with that monthly calendar
  2. Write 5 Blog Posts: I did 5 exactly in March. I’m not counting my April 1st post even though it was supposed to go in March.
  3. Drink 96oz of Water a Day: My March water consumption was seriously lacking.
  4. Lose 5 Pounds: I don’t even want to talk about this aka I gained a little weight in March
  5. Finish “The Game” by Ken Dryden: Finally!! Such a good book for anyone who loves hockey!


So on to April! This month I want to concentrate on forming good habits that I can carry on into future months.

  1. Develop an Editorial Calendar: So this is something I have yet to do. I really like organization and this will help me organize my blog a bit more and keep me on track with posts.
  2. Post 2x a Week: I am trying to be consistent now that I am up and running
  3. Take More & Better Pictures: Currently, I am using my phone, but it has a pretty decent camera. I need to remember to take more pictures. People don’t want to read a blog without pictures. I want to learn how to take good pictures and how to edit those pictures.
  4. Do Cardio Once a Week: I love Pilates, but I am realizing that I really need to work some cardio into my workout routine. When I was running 6 miles a week, I was seeing some change in my body. So I am starting again slowly. It helps that my boyfriend let me borrow his bike trainer so I can ride my bike inside on rainy days or lazy days while I watch TV.
  5. Do My Hair Once a Week: So I am very very lazy about doing my hair. I have really thick hair that I wash everyday, so to dry and straighten it in the morning is a lot. I tend to prioritize sleeping for thirty extra minutes instead of doing my hair. I usually let it air dry and eventually pull it into a ponytail every day unless I am going out. I want to make the effort to get up earlier and do my hair for the entire day at least once a week.

Hopefully, I reach a majority of my goals this month. We shall see!

Also, check out the link up on Writes Like A Girl!

I want to hear from you! What are your goals for April? What format do you use for an editorial calendar? How do you edit pictures?

End of March Rewind

It has been a long week! Work has been hectic and I’m buried beneath Scholarship applications, but I am finding time today to do an end of March wrap-up for those of you curious on what is happening in my life.

The week of the 15th, Michael and I tried HelloFresh for the first time. It was an interesting experience. We made a penne lasagna bake which was good, but huge. The picture below was supposed to feed two people. I had some leftovers for lunch that week.

No way this would serve only 2 people!

The pork fajitas were a big hit though. So yummy and great for a couple that likes spicy food. I loved the spinach tortillas since it was the week of St. Patrick’s Day.


Our last meal was a zucchini risotto. We learned neither of us has the patience to make a good risotto but it was fun to try a new food.


That Saturday was the Terry Scholars Alumni Association- DFW Chapter’s meeting and BBQ. I am the Events Coordinator for TSAA-DFW so I had to plan the whole ting. I was just glad I delegated the buying of food so I didn’t drive myself absolutely nuts. I was so happy with how sunny it was when I got up, but the wind near White Rock Lake was ridiculous. The box of chips we had kept blowing away along with all the paper goods. We grilled some hot dogs and had some new faces so that was exciting. I think it turned out well. I was hoping to take more pictures, but it didn’t happen.

White Rock Lake is beautiful!

That evening, I had a girls’ night with my friend, Jessica. Our guys used to be roommates so they are pretty close and we get see each other on a pretty regular basis. Although, it’s always nice to do a girls’ only night every once in a while.

The following week was Holy Week and I got to help with some of the preparations for the Children’s Service at church. We made crosses out of sticks and frames for the little ones.

Wednesday night was dinner with the Grandparents and my sisters and Thursday was Holy Thursday service at church.

I am so blessed that even though I work in a secular office, I get Good Friday as a Holiday. I definitely needed that his year, since that evening was Michael’s birthday/plate party. He drank his 200th beer at the flying saucer earlier and March so we combined the two into one party. Friday was spent making a Tres Leches cake. I was so nervous about it, but I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman and used it as a good excuse to use my Kitchen Aid mixer.

I’m so glad everyone loved the cake

The turnout was wonderful for the party. I had some party hats from Target that people could decorate which was a blast. I was glad the Flying Saucer let me bring the cake and party hats into the restaurant. Our friends Troy and Emily got to come up for the party from Austin which was a nice addition.

Birthday Boy

The next day, my church hosted an Helicopter Egg Drop. It was planned for three thousand to four thousand people, but ten thousand people showed up. Michael and I parked two blocks away and walked to the event. It got cancelled half way through, but the Family Night Live service after was pretty cool. My step-brothers seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, we got together with my family for brunch.


We went to Rock and Brews that just opened near my mom’s house. It was pretty good. I got a humongous breakfast burrito and ended up only eating half.


This week has been mostly work. So much work and stress from it. Wednesday was Michael’s actual birthday so we did go out for dinner.


We went to Kenny’s Burger Joint in Plano. It was delicious. I got a chili burger and fully enjoyed it. I usually stay away from chili because I don’t like beans, but Kenny’s has no beans, but it does have bacon!


The beginning of April promises to be just as busy. Things I am looking forward to are:

  • UTD Terry Scholars’ 10 Year Gala (an good excuse for cocktail attire)
  • Terry Interviews
  • Michael’s and my 2 year anniversary
  • NHL Play-Offs


What are looking forward to in April?