End of March Rewind

It has been a long week! Work has been hectic and I’m buried beneath Scholarship applications, but I am finding time today to do an end of March wrap-up for those of you curious on what is happening in my life.

The week of the 15th, Michael and I tried HelloFresh for the first time. It was an interesting experience. We made a penne lasagna bake which was good, but huge. The picture below was supposed to feed two people. I had some leftovers for lunch that week.

No way this would serve only 2 people!

The pork fajitas were a big hit though. So yummy and great for a couple that likes spicy food. I loved the spinach tortillas since it was the week of St. Patrick’s Day.


Our last meal was a zucchini risotto. We learned neither of us has the patience to make a good risotto but it was fun to try a new food.


That Saturday was the Terry Scholars Alumni Association- DFW Chapter’s meeting and BBQ. I am the Events Coordinator for TSAA-DFW so I had to plan the whole ting. I was just glad I delegated the buying of food so I didn’t drive myself absolutely nuts. I was so happy with how sunny it was when I got up, but the wind near White Rock Lake was ridiculous. The box of chips we had kept blowing away along with all the paper goods. We grilled some hot dogs and had some new faces so that was exciting. I think it turned out well. I was hoping to take more pictures, but it didn’t happen.

White Rock Lake is beautiful!

That evening, I had a girls’ night with my friend, Jessica. Our guys used to be roommates so they are pretty close and we get see each other on a pretty regular basis. Although, it’s always nice to do a girls’ only night every once in a while.

The following week was Holy Week and I got to help with some of the preparations for the Children’s Service at church. We made crosses out of sticks and frames for the little ones.

Wednesday night was dinner with the Grandparents and my sisters and Thursday was Holy Thursday service at church.

I am so blessed that even though I work in a secular office, I get Good Friday as a Holiday. I definitely needed that his year, since that evening was Michael’s birthday/plate party. He drank his 200th beer at the flying saucer earlier and March so we combined the two into one party. Friday was spent making a Tres Leches cake. I was so nervous about it, but I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman and used it as a good excuse to use my Kitchen Aid mixer.

I’m so glad everyone loved the cake

The turnout was wonderful for the party. I had some party hats from Target that people could decorate which was a blast. I was glad the Flying Saucer let me bring the cake and party hats into the restaurant. Our friends Troy and Emily got to come up for the party from Austin which was a nice addition.

Birthday Boy

The next day, my church hosted an Helicopter Egg Drop. It was planned for three thousand to four thousand people, but ten thousand people showed up. Michael and I parked two blocks away and walked to the event. It got cancelled half way through, but the Family Night Live service after was pretty cool. My step-brothers seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, we got together with my family for brunch.


We went to Rock and Brews that just opened near my mom’s house. It was pretty good. I got a humongous breakfast burrito and ended up only eating half.


This week has been mostly work. So much work and stress from it. Wednesday was Michael’s actual birthday so we did go out for dinner.


We went to Kenny’s Burger Joint in Plano. It was delicious. I got a chili burger and fully enjoyed it. I usually stay away from chili because I don’t like beans, but Kenny’s has no beans, but it does have bacon!


The beginning of April promises to be just as busy. Things I am looking forward to are:

  • UTD Terry Scholars’ 10 Year Gala (an good excuse for cocktail attire)
  • Terry Interviews
  • Michael’s and my 2 year anniversary
  • NHL Play-Offs


What are looking forward to in April?


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