April Small Goals

Okay! So March was not a good month for goals! I failed at a majority of them, but it’s all about trying again in April, right?

  1. Finish the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge: Fail! Unfortunately! I was doing super well until Easter weekend. I missed a couple days and figured I would make them up, but then I missed most of the rest. But I did sign up for The Balanced Life Sisterhood, so hopefully I can stay on track with that monthly calendar
  2. Write 5 Blog Posts: I did 5 exactly in March. I’m not counting my April 1st post even though it was supposed to go in March.
  3. Drink 96oz of Water a Day: My March water consumption was seriously lacking.
  4. Lose 5 Pounds: I don’t even want to talk about this aka I gained a little weight in March
  5. Finish “The Game” by Ken Dryden: Finally!! Such a good book for anyone who loves hockey!


So on to April! This month I want to concentrate on forming good habits that I can carry on into future months.

  1. Develop an Editorial Calendar: So this is something I have yet to do. I really like organization and this will help me organize my blog a bit more and keep me on track with posts.
  2. Post 2x a Week: I am trying to be consistent now that I am up and running
  3. Take More & Better Pictures: Currently, I am using my phone, but it has a pretty decent camera. I need to remember to take more pictures. People don’t want to read a blog without pictures. I want to learn how to take good pictures and how to edit those pictures.
  4. Do Cardio Once a Week: I love Pilates, but I am realizing that I really need to work some cardio into my workout routine. When I was running 6 miles a week, I was seeing some change in my body. So I am starting again slowly. It helps that my boyfriend let me borrow his bike trainer so I can ride my bike inside on rainy days or lazy days while I watch TV.
  5. Do My Hair Once a Week: So I am very very lazy about doing my hair. I have really thick hair that I wash everyday, so to dry and straighten it in the morning is a lot. I tend to prioritize sleeping for thirty extra minutes instead of doing my hair. I usually let it air dry and eventually pull it into a ponytail every day unless I am going out. I want to make the effort to get up earlier and do my hair for the entire day at least once a week.

Hopefully, I reach a majority of my goals this month. We shall see!

Also, check out the link up on Writes Like A Girl!

I want to hear from you! What are your goals for April? What format do you use for an editorial calendar? How do you edit pictures?


3 thoughts on “April Small Goals

  1. I love your little cat Post-It holder–so cute! I hear you on the hair struggle. My hair is super thick too, and I used to straighten it all the time, and now I’m like NOPE ZERO EFFORT, haha. Even washing it is a pain so I have to plan that commitment in advance! I think I’ve heard of the Ken Dryden book, but obviously I haven’t read it. I used to be a huge hockey fan, now I’m more like a casual observer, but I got really excited to see that you’re into hockey! 🙂 I actually got my DSLR to take pictures at the AHL Outdoor Game in Philly in 2012! Now it comes in handy for blogging outfit pics, haha!

    1. I’m always excited to hear from a fellow female hockey fan! Definitely recommend the Ken Dryden book! I need to learn more about DSLR’s. I’ve used one only one time and had no clue what to do! Therefore the picture goal.

      1. Oh and I forgot to add. The cat holder was a gift from my boss this morning actually. I talk about my cat a lot so she thought of me when she saw it. I love it already!

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