High Five For Friday: Mid-April Rewind

I decided to do my Mid- April Rewind High Five for Friday Style! It’s been a busy month for me, but mostly from work and not so much personal stuff.

Love getting all dressed up and this Betsey Johnson dress (exact)
  1. On April 2nd, the UT Dallas Terry Scholars celebrated being on the UT Dallas campus for 10 years. So much has changed since I started as a Terry Scholar seven years ago. It was a great excuse to buy a new dress and get to see Michael all dressed up. It was a really fun evening.
  1. On April 7 & 8, I got to be on an interview panel for the next generation of Terry Scholars at UTD. It is a process that I love to take part in, but it is a long two days. We interview 30 high school seniors over the span of 2 days. It gets stressful sometimes, but at the end I am always humbled by the fact that seven years ago, 6 people chose me to get the very same scholarship. The stress-free part of the interviews: the Foundation puts us up in a nice Dallas hotel for a couple nights.
  1. Last Saturday, Michael and I spent the day getting ready for our camp out this weekend. I am so excited. I have never been camping! We aren’t going very far, but it should still be fun. We bought a massive eight person tent for the two of us. It has room divider and a front porch area. Please let me know if you have any camping tips!
Half my face got cut out (Photo Credit: My Step-Mom)
  1. Sunday was another busy day! We celebrated my NeNe and Granddaddy’s 51st wedding anniversary at El Chico after church. These two are so great together and they chose to be my grandparents. They are actually my step-mom’s parents, but since they live so close and my other grandparents don’t, they have had the most active role in my life. We also went out and took family pictures in the afternoon. I will be putting some of those up when we get them.
This was not taken on our 2 year anniversary, but it’s one of my faves.
  1. Yesterday was Michael’s and my 2 year dating anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been that long. We have known each other for 5.5 years, but only have been dating for 2. It has been a crazy two years and I know I have grown a lot in that time. We spent the evening shopping and preparing food for the camping trip (we leave tonight) and of course watching the Dallas Stars win their first game of the 2016 NHL Playoffs. I was keeping an eye on the other games as well. Hopefully, my bracket stays in tack for a while.

Anyway, that is my April so far.

Things I’m looking forward to before the end of the month:

Camping this weekend

Getting the family pictures back

A less busy end of the month


I decided to link-up with High-Five for Friday! Check out Katie, Tif & Della, the lovely ladies that put together this link-up!


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