H54F: Camping Edition

So last Thursday was Michael’s and my 2nd dating anniversary. We decided to take the weekend for ourselves and go on a camping trip. It was so much fun and really the highlight of my week, so I am doing my whole High Five for Friday on the camping trip and what I loved about it.


  1. Purtis Creek State Park: The park was beautiful and really not that far from home for us. It took us only an hour and a half to get there in 6pm Dallas traffic. Check-In was relatively easy. There was a short line and the rangers on site were really talkative with everyone. They have three different types of camp sites. They have some have a lot with electricity and water hook ups that you can drive right up to and park your RV if you have one. They also have sites with just water hook up. The parking is a few yards away, but the site has a tent pad, lantern pole, picnic table and fire ring with an attached grill. This was the type of site we reserved. The last type is their primitive sites. These are a mile or so from any parking and only come with the lantern pole and fire ring. The fire ring does have a grill attachment that can swing over the top for use.IMG_20160416_172947239
  2. Sleeping in a Tent: We got a large tent, but I was still pretty nervous about sleeping in it. I had an air mattress and I slept through the whole first night without any problems until about 6am. I woke up with a full bladder and the restrooms were a good five minute walk from us. I ended up going back to sleep for an hour before the need was absolutely dire. I was surprised how well I slept and how refreshed I felt in the morning.

    This picture makes me want to get back to working out more!
  3. Canoeing: We went canoeing on Saturday morning. There is a small lake that is part of Purtis Creek SP and they have canoe, kayak and paddle boat rentals. Canoeing is a lot of work, but also a super fun way to get some good exercise. We stayed out there for a few hours and had our pre packed sandwiches for lunch. I was amazed by the beauty all around me. Anytime I find myself surrounded by nature, I am so overwhelmed with what a beautiful world my Lord has created. We saw some turtles and frogs which I loved!
  4. Cooking Over a Fire: Saturday night, we made camping Mac & Cheese. We used this recipe I found on Pinterest and added ham to it for some protein. Michael is an Eagle Scout so he was a master at making a fire. We bought some fire wood on site that afternoon after taking our showers (the showers were pretty nice for public showers). He built a great fire and then made our dinner. It was so great. We even managed to watch the Stars playoff game through the Slingbox app on my phone hooked up to a portable charger (thanks Sprint for unlimited data).

    Where I spent most of Saturday afternoon.
  5. Overall Relaxation: This was by far the most surprising benefit of the whole trip for me. I had always thought that camping would be really stressful for me. I am not super high maintenance, but showers and washed hair are an everyday thing for me. I wasn’t sure about sleeping practically outside and dealing with all the bugs. Plus what would I do for the whole trip? It turns out the trip was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done in a while. Saturday afternoon I spent reading on my Kindle. I finished the book I was reading and started a new one. I think it helped that I went with an experienced camper. Michael knew what to do in all situations which meant I just had to be helpful and not come up with the ideas. I came home Sunday feeling fully relaxed and refreshed (after shower in a private bathroom, of course)

    We saw so many of these. They kept falling on my chair and Kindle.

I definitely recommend camping to anyone who hasn’t tried it. I am pushing it as an idea with my family for an easy weekend trip. If you leave nearby, check out Purtis Creek, but I definitely recommend making a reservation.

I’m hooking up with High Five for Friday with Katie, Tif & Della, Meet at the Barre with Amanda & Five on Friday.


2 thoughts on “H54F: Camping Edition

  1. Camping is a HUGE love of ours!!! I’m a water girl so as long as I am next to the river, lake, or ocean I am a happy girl. Here’s hoping I get a new canoe this year! Enjoy your weekend & great post!

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