Spring/Summer Wardrobe

I did something a little different this year when it comes to switching seasons as far as clothes go. I usually do a quick browse of my closet, but away any obvious winter clothes (whether they still fit or not) and then just add new clothes as I get them. This year I decided to really clean out my closet.
I started by pulling out all my clothes that I had not worn since moving into my new place back in August, including the stuff in storage. I tried it all on and separated it into different piles: Keep, Send to Thred Up, Sell on Poshmark and Toss. I kept very few things. I sent any clothes that are considered upscale and were still in good condition to Thred Up. I ended up getting $7.60 back, not bad. Most of my stuff is in my Poshmark closet. It’s mostly stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore. The Toss pile consisted of clothes with rips and tears.
Once I cleaned out my closet (and figured out I did NOT need new hangers), I started to do some shopping for seasonal clothes. Below are the clothes I have picked up so far.

1. Madden Girl Bennie Sandal: I got these in black. I have worn them once so far and have loved them! Super comfy and I can usually get at least three years out of my Steve Madden/Madden Girl shoes.

2.LC Lauren Conrad Lace Tee: The top I got is this same berry color, but a different design on the front. It works great with slacks or jeans. This was part of my Valentine’s Day shopping trip courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend.

3.LC Lauren Conrad Crepe Blazer: I am in love with this blazer. Perfect for the warmer months. See how I wore it with a dress here. Also, part of the V-Day shopping.

4.ELLE Mixed-Media Crisscross Tank: The one I got is a light pink with flowers at the bottom. I can wear it with slacks and my blazer and then change into shorts for some time outside. I am all about clothes that can be casual or dressy. This was the last piece from the V-Day shopping.

5.Cut-Out Swing Blouse: This I just got over the weekend. It was on sale for $12.00 so I couldn’t help myself. Old Navy is my weakness.

6.Printed High-Neck Trapeze Tank: I got mine in a lavender color. I really like the high neck and the light feel. The downside is it seems to always be wrinkly.

7.Printed-Swing Tank: This is probably my least favorite purchase. I liked the bright color and in the dressing room it looked cute. Once I wore it all day, I figured out that it didn’t quite lay right on me so I was constantly adjusting it.

8.Mock-Neck Swing Tank: I love the cut-outs on this top and the light smoky gray color. I do have to wear a cami under because of the cut-outs, but I don’t mind.

9.Everyday Twill Shorts: I love Old Navy’s Twill Shorts. I bought these in khaki because I have a pair in gray and a pair  in black that I almost fit back into. (I couldn’t get myself to part with either).

10. Cuffed Linen Shorts: I cannot express how much I love these shorts. I got them in the blush color and they are amazing. The color is enough to be fun, but still quite neutral. I love that they are drawstring. I just started Weight Watchers, so these shorts can be worn all summer even when I lose weight!

I did use my Thred Up credit to buy some red shorts and a teal top. They should be shipping any day now. I am so excited!

What are some of your recent spring/summer buys?

This post is not sponsored, but I do get a small amount of money for people clicking or buying from the links. All opinions are my own.
Here are referral codes for Thred Up and Poshmark if you want to try them out.
Thred Up: http://www.thredup.com/r/MJEVHD
Poshmark: JKEPW




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