H54F: April Showers Bring May Flowers

H54F: April Showers Bring May Flowers

I can’t believe it is already the end of April. Since this blog is new, it is still evolving quite a bit. Now that I am regularly doing H54F with Della, Tif & Katie, I will no longer do my mid month and end of month recaps! You can catch up on my weekly life every Friday now!

It has been so not nice weather here. We had a major storm on Tuesday and ever since then it has been muggy and gray. I just heard some thunder. More storms tonight!

  1. Saturday, we pretty much spent the whole day outside. We went to my little brother’s baseball game and I got sunburned! I put on sunscreen, but not very well apparently. Then after ice cream with my Uncle and his daughters (they live in OK so I don’t get to see them that often), Michael and I headed out to Date Night in Farmers Branch. They have food trucks set-up and then after dark they have a movie. We went with two other couples and had lots of fun.Snapchat-8627984025652722215
  2. Sunday was sister time with the little sister. We had lunch with my mom and then went window shopping while my car was in the shop. We also caught the end of the Stars game and watched them win to advance t o Round 2 of the playoffs. They play Game 1 against St. Louis tonight! I, also, went on a 7 mile bike ride when I got home. My city has some great trails really near my apartment and I love it! I saw ducks with little ducklings. I love being out in nature and enjoying God’s beautiful creation.
  3. Tuesday, my older sister and I started Weight Watchers together. We both have been struggling a lot recently with our weight so we are doing this together. I found some fantastic recipes and had yummy food all week while staying in my points.
  4. Wednesday was Administrative Professionals’ Day. I am as close to an Admin as we have in the office so my bosses showered me with gifts: flowers, balloon and a couple gift cards. That night, we went to the local ECHL team’s, Allen Americans, Game 7 of Round 1. They won and also move on to Round 2!
  5. Last night was relax night for Michael and I. I think I am fighting off some sickness, so instead of hitting the gym we took Chewie on a long walk in the nature preserve near Michael’s apartment. We cooked some chicken and spinach for dinner together. It was great to cook side by side! Then, we went out with Michael’s roommate to get Bahama Buck’s. Soooo good, especially if you get their sugar-free Thin Ice flavors.

Well that was a full week! Check out my post from earlier this week about my new clothes for the season (includes the outfit in the cowboy hat picture).

Things I’m looking forward to this coming week: Terry Annual Picnic & the start of the National Bike Challenge!

I’m also linking up with Meet at the Barre with Amanda.


4 thoughts on “H54F: April Showers Bring May Flowers

  1. Yay for being appreciated and celebrated on Admin day! And how awesome you joined WW! That is a fabulous program! When I worked in nutrition I always referred it to clients! Hope you are feeling better this weekend 😀

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