Currently in May

Just putting together a quick post to link up for Currently with Anne and Jenna.

Celebrating- This weekend is a big weekend for my family. Today is my dad and step-mom’s anniversary, Friday is my Dad’s birthday and Sunday is Mothers’ Day. So much to celebrate in so little time.

Reading- I just finished Unenchanted last night so I am trying to decide which book to read next. I love the Amazon First program through prime. I get to choose one free new book every month. They send me an email at the beginning of the month with choices in multiple categories. I’m picking between this thriller and this mystery right now.

Pondering- I’m deciding if I should buy anything from my latest Trunk Club shipment. There was a T-Shirt I liked and flip flops, but they were $25 and $38, respectively. The shorts and crop pants (that I loved) were too small and the dress was unflattering, so those were easy choices. Am I just being too cheap?

Sipping- Race Trac has started their Sodapalooza for this summer. I am always so excited. I got my cup yesterday with $2 off from the app. I love that it’s bright pink and I get all the Diet Coke I want until July 31. Not a bad deal for $10.

Going- I’m so excited to be going to Gruene and Austin at the end of the month with my bestie! This trip has been planned for so long and it is finally just around the corner. Any ideas of things to do are encouraged!


2 thoughts on “Currently in May

  1. Have so much fun on your trip! I’ve never been to those places, but I’m sure you’ll find some great things to do. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. So which book did you decide on? I absolutely LOVE Kindle First. Can’t wait until tomorrow for June! I chose the Marsha Clark title for May, but thought about the butterfly one.
    Love you!

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