H54F: Shopping and Animals

It has been a really long week this week. Nothing huge really happened, but it has been long. I’m excited for a fun weekend though. I get to hang with my older sister tomorrow before we head out to celebrate my dad’s birthday with dinner and a movie. I’m also excited for the Mothers’ Day picnic we have planned for my mom.

Here is my High Five for Friday recap of the week.

IMG_20160506_073035541 - Copy.jpg
Shorts: Gap through Thred Up (similar)/ Top: Target through ThredUp (similar
  1. I got my order from ThredUp that I mentioned in this post. I absolutely love the red shorts I got! I have been wanting a pair of colored shorts for a while. I can’t wait to wear them this weekend! I thought the teal shirt was a fun color as well. I got to wear to work today with my jeans. Love Jean Fridays at the office.

    IMG_20160506_073405489 - Copy
    Hat: Target (exact, similar)/ Purse (exact, real leather similar)/ Shoes: TOMS (exact, similar)
  2. This month I decided to stay away from buying more clothes. Since I am working on losing weight and I have my spring/summer essentials, I decided to spend my budget on accessories. I got this adorable sun hat for summer days and a cute saddle bag for casual weekends. I also got these adorable TOMS flip flops in my latest Trunk Club. They were a bit pricey, but they do have some arch support which my feet need.

    IMG_20160504_185720117 - Copy
    I think he’s adorable!
  3. Wednesday night was Work-Out Wednesday. Michael and I started this a while back and then stopped for a while when we got really busy. We started again this week. My legs still hurt from the lunges, but after the gym Michael made dinner. We had some yummy Pork Tenderloin and mixed veggies.
  4. Michael left for DreamHack in Austin yesterday, so that means I am watching the Chewie monster for the weekend. Mouse was not too happy about seeing his “friend”. He took to hiding behind my bike to get away from the dog. Eventually, he came around. Although the fight for my attention lasted all night and I got very little sleep.
  5. Today is my dad’s birthday! We are celebrating tomorrow, but I wanted to give him a quick shout-out! Like I said on Instagram, he fostered my love for the important things in life: Jesus, hockey and Star Trek. Quick hockey note: the Stars won in overtime last night!!

As always I am linking up with Tif, Katie & Della as well as Meet at the Barre!

Do you have any big plans for Mothers’ Day weekend?


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