H54F: Gruene and Austin BFF Trip

I am so happy to get back to writing H54F posts with Katie, Della & Tif. I am doing a recap of my recent BFF trip with obviously my BFF.

A little background, Sydney and I have been friends for 11 years now.  While I have stayed in the DFW area, she has been going around the country. Our first year of college, she went to PITT. She moved back to DFW for a couple years, but then she moved to California, Maryland and now she is in Georgia, specifically Atlanta. Since we don’t get to see each other much, we make sure to get regular BFF trips. This year we decided to go to Gruene and Austin.


Mouse Post Bath
  1. First thing that needed to be done before the trip was clean the apartment and Mouse. Sydney is allergic to cats so my whole evening on Tuesday was spent cleaning the apartment and then bathing Mouse! He has taken baths since he was a kitten so he doesn’t like it, but he deals.
    Unhealthy Lunch on the Trip Down

  2. Wednesday, we left for Gruene. It was about a four hour drive, but it seemed shorter since we had so much catching up to do. We checked into our awesome bed and breakfast. I loved the spiral staircase until I had to go down them at night. The bed was super comfy. I highly recommend the Gruene Mansion Inn if you are in the area.

  3. Our activites in Gruene included the Stars and Stripes Drive-In, tubing the Comal River, eating Chicken Fried Steak and Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie at the Gristmill and Gruene Hall. All lots of fun.
  4. We took a detour on the way to the Austin and went to the LBJ ranch. It was a great educational experience. Plus I loved seeing the cows and goats as well as learning about LBJ.
  5. Austin was great. We stayed with friends and went shopping. I bought my first pair of Kendra Scott earrings as an early birthday gift to myself. I forgot to take pictures though. 😦

I had a blast last weekend. We did and saw so much! The best part was just getting to hang out with my best friend again!


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