Currently in June

Here is what is Currently going on in my life! (I’m a little late I know).

Planning: Birthday Dinners! It’s my birthday month and between two sets of parents, six siblings and a boyfriends, it takes some planning to see everyone. I think I am going to have two birthday dinners this year on the Fridays around my birthday. Now to get the restaurants decided on.

Enjoying: Overwatch!  Last Friday, Michael got me Overwatch, the video game I wanted, as an early birthday present. I’ve already played like 3 hours. It’s so much fun and has short rounds so I can play a couple rounds and still have plenty of time to do everything I want to do.

Buying: RuMe Bag! I picked up a Large Tote & 2Cool Bundle from RuMe last Friday. It has been sold out for a while so as soon as I got the email saying that it was back in stock, I ordered one. I love using my RuMe totes for the grocery store and the 2Cool addition will keep my cold stuff cold in the Texas summer. It is supposed to be delivered today!

Craving: Chocolate! Enough said!

Pinning: Bedroom Inspiration! I have been wanting to redo my room. I just renewed my apartment lease and want to make my room look better now. I pretty much just put stuff in it when I moved in 10 months ago. I’ve been pinning stuff to help me get inspired.

Check out Anne’s and Jenna’s pages for what is going on with them and others!


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