H54F: Poutine, Wedding Colors & Headsets

I always get so excited about Fridays and I think that is totally normal! As always, here is my weekly recap with Tif, Della & Katie.

This is the yummiest!
Bek,  Michael & Jacq
Post B-day Dinner

Last weekend was packed full of family. Friday night, we went to my birthday dinner with my Dad, Step-mom, older sister, Jacquie & my little brother, William. We went to a Canadian restaurant hear in Dallas called Maple Leaf Diner. I just wanted to go because they have my favorite food in the world: POUTINE! I got to see the rest of the family (Mom, Step-dad, 2 step-brothers, step-sister and little sister) on Saturday. My sisters stayed over at my place Saturday night so we could all go out to Arlington for Fathers’ Day the next day.

I love everything about this headset.

Monday, my new and improved headset came in. My dad gave me a gift card that would cover it and Michael was totally okay with returning the other one (turns out the cord was really short anyway). I did not get to try it that night though because I had to cook meals for the week followed by my church small group.

Our paint swatch wedding party

Tuesday, I got asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my good friends’ wedding. I also got to help the bride pick out her wedding colors. We made little people out of the paint swatches she picked out. I’m pretty excited to be part of this. Plus, it looks like Michael is going to be a groomsman.

Wednesday, Michael and I worked out as usual. I was really proud of pushing myself hard on the treadmill, until a bruise appeared on my leg that is most likely blood vessels bursting from over excursion. I guess I need to slow down. We, also, watched the NHL Awards. In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is expanding to Las Vegas. I am so excited to see an expansion draft. I, also, went shopping on my lunch break and got an awesome haul from Charming Charlie using my birthday gift card.

Gamer Girl
I play to win! – D. Va

Last night, I finally got to use my new headset. Michael and I spent 30 minutes getting it working and then an hour or so playing Overwatch. The noise cancelling is so good! I can’t hear Mouse crying because he is not getting all my attention.

I’m looking forward to a calm weekend. I only have one thing planned for the entire weekend, so I should have plenty of time to relax.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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