Monday Musings Vol. 1- 8/1/16

It’s Monday and August 1st! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was actually pretty relaxing. I got to spend sometime with friends and family without a long to do list.

I’ve been considering doing a regular blog post for a while and have decided to start Monday Musings. This is a just a weekly way to talk about a few things going on and help keep me on a regular blogging schedule. Without further ado here is my first Monday Musings.

On The Blog:

  • August Small Goals is going up this afternoon.
  • I’m hoping to do a Quakecon packing post on Wednesday, but we will see.

Love & Life:

  • Six years ago today, I met Michael. It seems like that was so long ago.
  • My baby sister is moving into a new apartment this weekend. I am really excited for her.


  • I became an Associate Member of IREM last month.
  • I’m hoping to start my third Real Estate Class this week or next.
  • I have a short work week because of Quakecon! Yay!

Recently Purchased:

  • I got these boots from the #NSale. I can’t wait for Dallas to get a little cooler so I can wear them.
  • I just bought this dress for my friends’ wedding in March. I’m excited to see it in person and try it on.


  • I just started crocheting a puppy dog hat and diaper cover. My favorite yarn (Lily Sugar n’ Cream) was on sale so I had to pick some up and start a new project.
  • I attempted this washi wall collage heart, but failed.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I just finished listening to this week’s Puck Podcast. I love this podcast about all things going on in the NHL. Highly recommend.
  • Music: I heard an older Maroon 5 song last week and remembered how much I loved their less known songs.
  • TV: I am working my way through West Wing on Netflix. I really like it even if it is a bit older.
  • Gaming: I may be a little obsessed with Overwatch. I love that I finally have a team game that I like to play.


  • I am finishing up Journey’s End by Renee Ryan. Not my favorite book ever, but it’s an okay read.
  • I’m finishing up Philippians for my Women’s Bible Study. I memorized the whole book when I was in high school, but I am really enjoying digging into it a little more.

Looking Forward To:

  • Quakecon! We check-in on Wednesday!
  • Seeing our friends who are in town for Quakecon.

Link Love:

  • Loved reading about Stephanie’s geeky love story here.
  • Nicole’s sentiments about wearing Spanx echoed my own.
  • I loved a lot of these finds by Valery as seen in this video.

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