Quakecon 2016: What I Packed

First, let me warn you that I am an over-packer! I’m leaving for the Hilton right after work and will be back Sunday and yet I packed 12 shirts. If you are looking for a small compact packing list then just move along because I’m pretty sure I am not able to pack lightly.

I guess I should explain a bit about what Quakecon is before I show you everything that I packed. You can read all about it on their website (linked above). Basically, it is a giant LAN party inside of a video game convention. The exhibit floor and talks are free and open to anyone, but if you want to Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) to set up and play as part of the LAN party, you have to pay for a seat. In the past, I have come for a day to hang out with Michael and see the exhibits, but this year I actually have BYOC seat. It takes place in downtown Dallas at the Hilton Anatole and even though I could stay at my place and drive to and from everyday, it would be inconvenient so instead I am staying in a hotel with a group of friends. Our group of 10 is sharing two hotel rooms so it should be interesting.

Now to talk about what I actually packed last night.


QC Bottoms

As you can tell, I packed lots of jeans. You would think August in Dallas = shorts, but that’s not true for Quakecon. They keep it pretty cold in the BYOC area, since there are thousands of computers in there. I did pack a couple pairs of shorts, since usually sometime is spent outside. I also packed some comfy work-out capris and tights for those long nights of gaming.


QC Tops

This is where I get into trouble. I have so many tops and I really don’t ever know what I will want to wear on what date. I packed 5 nice tops (2 sleaveless, 2 three-quarter sleeve & 1 long-sleeve) , 5 t-shirts & 2 tank tops. Like I said at the top, I tend to over pack. I like to have options, plus I may want to look cute on some days and really not care on others.

Dresses & Skirts:

QC Dress

I’m packing one cotton dress and then my maxi skirt with a tank. These are incase we go out somewhere nicer. Probably won’t go out for two nights, but you really never know these things. Plus the long maxi can be worn in the BYOC if I am just feeling cute one day.

Other Clothes:

The Anatole opened a new water park area this year so of course I had to bring a swim suit. I don’t think they let you swim-up to the pool bars without one.

As mentioned before, the BYOC gets pretty cold so I brought a variety of hoodies and sweaters to keep me warm.

Make-Up& Hair:

QC Make-Up

I’m bringing my everyday make-up stuff. I really like the Gwen Stefani x UD palette because I can go natural or not depending on how I feel/ what we are doing. You will notice most of the face stuff has sunscreen, since I am super prone to burning. I’m also pretty excited to try Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. I’ve read varying reviews so I’m glad to have a sample to try.

QC Hair

My hair routine is pretty basic, so not too much to pack as far as that goes. I do have really thick hair so I bring my own hair dryer on all trips even if the hotel has a dryer in the room.

I’m also bringing the normal toiletries. I am bring my own shampoo, conditioner and body wash since I will be sharing a bathroom and small hotel provided toiletries with 4 other people.

So that’s what I’m bringing to Quakecon. If you have any questions about anything specific you see here, feel free to ask! It would have been too much I think to list every single thing so I just went with the highlights.

Also, I was planning to put most of my Quakecon stuff on Snapchat and then adding a once a day pic to Instagram, but now Instagram has a story feature, so I’m trying to figure that out. What do you think? Snapchat does have pretty filters! Follow me on both to see what I decide. (Snapchat: bekahm21 | Instagram: pinkpearlsandhockeyskates).


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