Port Aransas Beach Vacation Recap

So a little over two weeks ago, I headed to Port Aransas, TX with my dad, stepmom (Michelle), sisters (Jacquie & Tori) and half brother (William) for a 5 day beach vacation. It was really 3 days because two of the days were spent driving, but it was a total of 5 days away from real life. I wanted to share a brief recap and some of the pictures from the trip. The photos were taken by a mixture of my family.


The day before we left, I went to a morning wedding. It was at 10:30 so I figured I would be home pretty early in the afternoon. Turns out I got home around 3 so I had to speed pack and do laundry, but I managed pretty well and packed pretty lightly (for me). All three of us girls spent the night at my dad’s so we could leave really early in the morning.

Packing for Beach
I can pack light!
Mouse says no
Mouse didn’t want me to leave.

Day 1:

We made a couple stops on the way down to Port Aransas. We left around 5 in the morning so we stopped in Round Rock for donuts. We also stopped in San Antonio because Michelle and William had been at a gender reveal party in Tulsa the day before and flew into San Antonio. We also stopped in Corpus Christi for lunch and to do groceries for the week. By the time we got to the condo on Mustang Island, we were ready to relax.

Day 2:

The morning was spent resting and relaxing. We had lunch at the condo before heading down to the beach for the afternoon. The condo we stayed at had private beach access which was really nice. We got to play in the waves and use the body boards. We also went into town and checked out the candy shop there. I had gummy candy (my favorite) for the rest of the week.

Name on Beach
We all wrote are names in the sand.

Candy Store 2

Candy Store 1
Outside the Candy Store
Gummy Penguin
How cute is this gummy penguin?

Day 3:

It looked like it was going to rain in the morning so we actually spent the day in Corpus. We did some shopping in the morning and then went to the USS Lexington . It was really cool to tour the ship. The downside is when I dropped my phone on the metal deck and cracked my screen. The lower half of my touchscreen stopped working and I couldn’t unlock the phone. Thankfully, I have a Pebble watch that I can send texts through.

Lexington Sign



Lexington Brig

Gun and William

Fighter Plane

Day 4:

This was our last day at the beach. We had fun building a sand castle and gathering shells from the beach. A storm came in before we did anything in the water, so we spent the afternoon inside. That evening we did go on a sunset dolphin tour that was a lot of fun. My mom made my sisters and me matching dresses that we wore on the tour.

Sand Castle
Our sand castle with a lake
Searching for Shells
Collecting Shells
Siblings on Boat
On the dolphin tour
On the Boat
I really love this picture of me.

Day 5:

We pretty much just drove all day. I got home in the early evening and got ready for work the next day. I did manage to get my phone unlocked which was really nice.


Overall, it was a great end of summer trip. I enjoyed the time with my family an d the relaxation of the beach.


2 thoughts on “Port Aransas Beach Vacation Recap

  1. I love that picture of you, too. I kind of think it’s fitting in the pictures at the candy shop, who is the one pouring moonshine into the car!!

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