Monday Musings Vol. 5: 9/12/16

I am ready for life to slow down a bit, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

On The Blog:

  • I had a post planned for Wednesday of Friday, but I didn’t get the finishing touches done on it. I am hoping to get it out this week.

Love & Life:

  • My mom went into the hospital on Tuesday, so I left work early to go see her. She has had a rough week, but is doing better now.
  • Michael and I went to see “For the Love of Spock.” It is a documentary about Spock and Leonard Nimoy. It was really good.
  • I went to the baby shower and finished the diaper cover and hat.
  • Saturday night, Michael and I went to see La Rondalla Romantica de Dallas for one of Michael’s class assignments. It was interesting to hear a different type of music.


  • I polished up my resume so I can get it sent out to some places.
  • I attended an Terry alumni and current scholar pizza party and UTD. It was great to see how some of the freshmen that I interviewed were doing.

Recently Purchased:

  • Bath & Body Works had a sale so I stocked up on some lotion and got a free three wick candle.
  • I got two new tops this week. They are just some nice sleeveless work tops that were only $3 each.


  • My first Christmas gift project is really taking shape. Hopefully the next two go just as smoothly.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: My hockey podcast, Puck Podcast, has started their season preview which means the NHL season is right around the corner!
  • Music: I’m pretty much in love with the new Gavin DeGraw album.
  • TV: I’ve been binge watching The West Wing while I work on my crochet projects. I just got to the season that was aired in 2001 and you can definitely tell there was a shift in thinking.


  • I need to read more. I’ve just been so busy that reading has taken a back seat to the rest of my life.


  • The World Cup of Hockey prelim games have started. I have not had time to watch any yet, but I’m so excited to watch hockey again.

Looking Forward To:

  • Terry Luncheon
  • Michael’s Move (He will be so much closer to me)
  • World Cop of Hockey Officially Starting

Link Love:



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