Monday Musings Vol. 6: 9/19/16

I’m so exhausted and my body is so sore, but Michael is pretty much moved to his new place.

On The Blog:

  • I got my first sponsored post up on Friday! Check it out here.
  • I’m hoping to do a post on what I wear to work for business casual.

Love & Life:

  • My mom went home from the hospital on Friday. It will be a while before she is back to her old self, but this is a good step on the road to recovery.
  • This weekend was pretty much all packing and moving, but Michael is happy with the new place.
  • My small group at church started back up. I love doing life with this group of people.
  • We took a break from moving on Saturday night and went to Oktoberfest in Addison. Michael talked me into riding one of the rides. I had my eyes closed the whole time.


  • I had my first Terry Advisory Board meeting. It was interesting to see another side of the Terry Foundation.

Recently Purchased:

  • I got some cute pieces from one of the vendors that comes to my office building. They are both going to be great when it hits fall temperatures, plus who can resist a 2 for $25 deal.


  • I started on my second of seven projects this week!

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I missed seeing the ladies from Stuff You Missed in History Class live when they came to Dallas, but I still got to listen to the episode!
  • Music: Loving The Script right now.
  • TV: I changed thing up a bit at the beginning of this week and watched MasterChef Junior at the beginning of this week. ( The only time I had to watch TV.)



  • I didn’t get to watch any of the games, but I kept track of the games. Team Canada won their game, but Team USA did not which was sad.

Looking Forward To:

  • World Cup of Hockey Team Canada versus Team USA game
  • Time to relax (maybe?)

Link Love:


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