October Small Goals

It’s October! That means it is time for tights, boots, pumpkin, cinnamon & hockey. I have a pretty busy month in October, but is should be a lot of fun too. Before we get into my goals for this wonderful month, let’s recap my September goals.

  1. Spruce Up My Resume: Done! This was actually not that hard, but needed to be done.
  2. Finish Promulgated Contracts Class: Also, done! Now, I need to look into taking my next class.
  3. Use To Do Lists More at Home: I’m counting this one even though I didn’t use them as much as I really want to get into the habit of doing. I did use them a few times in the month and it really helped my productivity.
  4. Finish 3 Crochet Projects: I’ll have to settle for finishing 2. The good news is that I have really gotten the hang of this pattern so this third one should be done in no time!
  5. Post 2x a Week: Yeah… that didn’t happen. This will be one of those goals that get pasted on to the next month!

So 3 out of 5 is not bad, but could be better. Part of my problem was probably that I didn’t keep my goals written down anywhere so I couldn’t easily reference them. Here are my October goals:

  1. Post 2x a Week: Let’s try this again. I actually have posts planned for this so it should really help with that.
  2. Finish 2 More Crochet Projects: I’m thinking 3 was a pretty high goal last month so I’m just hoping to get 2 done this month.
  3. No Spending Extra Money: I’m really trying to build up my savings account more, so this month I am not spending extra money. I’m obviously still buying, groceries and gas as well as the occasional going out to eat with friends or family, but I am not going to spend money on a bunch of extra activities.
  4. Use Instagram to Share Posts: I am going to make an effort to use Instagram to share and promote my posts.
  5. Establish a Work-Out Routine: I really need to get back into a good work-out routine. I am not sure what that is going to look like yet, but it will be a priority this month.

Here’s to a good October! As always, I am linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl and the rest of the wonderful Small Goals bloggers.

What are your goals for this wonderful month?


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