Is It October Yet?

The answer to that is yes, although here in Texas it does not feel like it. I love October and always look forward to it. I love breaking out my fall clothes. I love boots, leggings, sweaters and leggings with tights. Although I’m still waiting for cooler temps (below ninety, please), I have some fall outfits already planned out. In fact, I have a whole work week’s worth of fall outfits planned.


These Old Navy Pixie Chino pants are my favorite. The fit works perfectly with these booties. I love the studs and they make me feel just a little edgy. Also, this tank that I scored at TJ Maxx makes me think of pumpkins because of the color and I love the way it looks with this black sweater. I styled this outfit with this Charming Charlie tassel necklace and earring set.


I got these boot during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at a great price and have looked forward to wearing them since they got delivered. I think they work perfectly with this sweater I got from one of the vendors that come to my building. It’s long enough to wear with leggings and still be appropriate for my office. My favorite part of this sweater is the lace insets. The owl necklace and silver leaf earrings worked perfectly without distracting from the lace insets.


My stepmom bought me this maxi skirt for our beach trip in August, but it is perfect for fall. I have been longing to to wear it with Old Navy cowl neck sweater with it. I love it when  I add a piece to my wardrobe that is multi-seasonal. I love wearing long necklaces with a cowl neck and this necklace has pearls (my favorite) to tie with the bracelet. Although I love boots, this outfit works better with my LC Lauren Conrad black lace flats from last year’s runway collection.


This dress just makes me so happy. I love the flouncy bottom on this. It was another building vendor find. It works perfectly with brown tights and my tall leather boots. This knit kimono works well with it, but I’m really hoping to find a brown cardigan to go with it . I love the way my gold Kendra Scott earrings go with this. The necklace I actually found at Charming Charlie just to match my earrings.


My last outfit is for Fridays. We get to wear jeans to the office and these Old Navy Curvy Skinnies are awesome. I love the way they fit and I always feel more confident in them. I put them with a Target sweater I got a few years ago that ties in my heeled black boots. The gunmetal with the blue in the necklace keep the color scheme working.


So small side note about the owl necklace. I got this necklace six years ago when Michael and I dated the first time. When we broke up,  I stopped wearing and only found it again recently and started wearing it again. I love this owl and it always makes me think of all the things that Michael and I have been through together even when we weren’t a couple.

What are some of the clothes items you are looking forward to styling for fall?



2 thoughts on “Is It October Yet?

  1. Cute outfits! I think the first and second ones are my favorite. I love the lace detail on the second top! My work is really casual and part of me wishes I had an excuse to dress up, but another part of me is glad I can just wear jeans or whatever I want. 😉 We had our first ‘cool’ week of weather here, so I’m just happy to be able to wear my coats, sweaters, and boots again! And I’m jumping on the leggings trend finally. I bought one pair and was thinking about stopping by Target on my way home from work and getting another. Which means I will also need a few longer tops to wear with the leggings.

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