October Small Goals

It’s October! That means it is time for tights, boots, pumpkin, cinnamon & hockey. I have a pretty busy month in October, but is should be a lot of fun too. Before we get into my goals for this wonderful month, let’s recap my September goals.

  1. Spruce Up My Resume: Done! This was actually not that hard, but needed to be done.
  2. Finish Promulgated Contracts Class: Also, done! Now, I need to look into taking my next class.
  3. Use To Do Lists More at Home: I’m counting this one even though I didn’t use them as much as I really want to get into the habit of doing. I did use them a few times in the month and it really helped my productivity.
  4. Finish 3 Crochet Projects: I’ll have to settle for finishing 2. The good news is that I have really gotten the hang of this pattern so this third one should be done in no time!
  5. Post 2x a Week: Yeah… that didn’t happen. This will be one of those goals that get pasted on to the next month!

So 3 out of 5 is not bad, but could be better. Part of my problem was probably that I didn’t keep my goals written down anywhere so I couldn’t easily reference them. Here are my October goals:

  1. Post 2x a Week: Let’s try this again. I actually have posts planned for this so it should really help with that.
  2. Finish 2 More Crochet Projects: I’m thinking 3 was a pretty high goal last month so I’m just hoping to get 2 done this month.
  3. No Spending Extra Money: I’m really trying to build up my savings account more, so this month I am not spending extra money. I’m obviously still buying, groceries and gas as well as the occasional going out to eat with friends or family, but I am not going to spend money on a bunch of extra activities.
  4. Use Instagram to Share Posts: I am going to make an effort to use Instagram to share and promote my posts.
  5. Establish a Work-Out Routine: I really need to get back into a good work-out routine. I am not sure what that is going to look like yet, but it will be a priority this month.

Here’s to a good October! As always, I am linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl and the rest of the wonderful Small Goals bloggers.

What are your goals for this wonderful month?


Monday Musings Vol. 8: 10/03/16

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It’s October! I pretty much love this month because everything is decorated for fall and the NHL season finally starts!

On The Blog:

Love & Life:

  • Michael got a car! His car was totaled 6 months ago in a hail storm and he has been riding his motorcycle everywhere since.
  • Michael and I went to see That Thing You Do while it was at the Alamo Drafthouse. I loved that movie as a kid and Michael had never seen it. We went with our friends, Wes and Tricia so it was great to see them as well.
  • I picked out new glasses via Warby Parker. I really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait for the glasses to come in!


  • I had a very productive Terry Officer Meeting this past week. We got a lot of dates on the calendar which was a goal for the year.

Recently Purchased:

  • I got this pair of jeans from Old Navy. They had a huge sale and I had just found a hole in one of my pairs of jeans.
  • I also picked up a lunch box while I was there because my old one had an unfortunate encounter with my toaster oven. Mine is gray with the word lunch on it in pink cursive.


  • I finished 2/7 projects so far. I’m already making good progress on the third though!

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I loved the recent podcast about Robbers’ Roost by Stuff You Missed in History Class.
  • Music: Gavin DeGraw’s newest album is on repeat in preparation for his concert at the end of the month.
  • TV: I’m watching The Voice and trying to decide who I really like.


  • Still working on  The Unbroken Line of the Moon (The Valhalla Series Book 1) by  Johanne Hildebrandt. It’s a pretty interesting historical fiction piece.
  • My small group has started a study on Chuck Colson’s The Good Life. Pretty good so far.


  • Team Canada won the World Cup of Hockey to no one’s surprise.
  • The NHL season starts next week!! (I am so excited)

Looking Forward To:

  • TWU Terry Banquet tonight
  • My friend’s bridal shower on Saturday
  • Sister Night on Saturday as well

Link Love:



Monday Musings Vol. 7: 9/26/16

I’m so excited because I got to wear sweater to work this morning. I know that this cool down is probably temporary, but yay for sweaters for today!

On The Blog:

  • I’m doing pretty well with keeping up with Monday Musings.
  • My October Small Goals post will go up at the end of the week.

Love & Life:

  • We moved the last of Michael’s stuff on Tuesday and then watched the WCOH Team Canada versus Team USA game.
  • I got my hair cut and decided to change up a little by getting thick fringe bangs. I kind of love them!
  • Michael’s brother was in town this weekend so we took him to a local arcade and some brewery tours.
  • My mom was able to finally go to Kendra Scott with my sister and I to pick out her birthday gift. She got some gorgeous earrings.


  • I finished my Promulgated Contracts class so I am officially half way through my Real Estate license classes!

Recently Purchased:

  • I resisted spending temptation this week and didn’t spend any money!


  • My Christmas projects are coming along, but not as quickly as I would like.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I love hearing the preseason previews on the Puck Podcast and the reviews of the WCOH.
  • Music: Michael shared a Megachill playlist with me that actually really helped with my Final for my Real Estate License class
  • TV: Fall TV is back. I watched This Is Us and Designated Survivor. Both so good!



  • I was so happy to watch hockey again on Tuesday, plus Carey Price was in net for Team Canada.
  • Team Canada is in the finals and will be playing Team Europe in a best of three tournament. I think we all know how this is going to end.

Looking Forward To:

  • Terry  Officer Meeting
  • Relaxing weekend with no real plans

Link Love:

  • I loved Cara’s tips on simplifying your morning routine.


Trying Something New with TRESemme

**This is a sponsored post. I got samples for free through Influenster, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.**

Happy Friday! This post was supposed to be up a while ago, but life got in the way so here it my first sponsored post!


I am always trying new products in my hair. I am constantly on the look-out for something to make my hair softer, less frizzy and just more manageable in general. So I was pretty excited when Influenster and TRESemme sent me samples of a new shampoo and conditioner system. I have a rotation of different shampoos and conditioners that I use and TRESemme is in the rotation.

I have to say I was pretty skeptical about using the Beauty-FULL Reverse Wash Shampoo & Conditioner at first. Using conditioner before shampoo seemed weird, but I am always open to trying something new in the hair department. I decided to use my samples on a day that I was blow drying and straightening my hair.


I have to say that using the conditioner first threw off my shower routine. I have a certain order to my shower and using conditioner first meant I had to really think about what I was doing. It’s not a huge deal since I’m sure I would just fall into a different routine the more I used it.

I have to say, my hair did not feel as soft right out of the shower. I realize that this softness may be contributed to the conditioner residue that this system is supposed to solve, but I like that softness.


My biggest issue didn’t come up until I started drying my hair. I went through my normal hair routine. I sprayed both Matrix Style Link Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray & Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment through out my hair and then brushed it out before starting to blow dry. As I was using my dryer, I noticed my hair was starting to tangle. I have never had an issue with my hair tangling, so that was a little disappointing.


Ten minutes later, my hair was dry so I put the finishing touches on with the straightener. Nothing really stood out as I finished up my look.

I really enjoyed this opportunity to reverse my routine and try a new product, but I don’t think it is something that I will be picking up off the shelf. There wasn’t anything about that stood out as just great and there were just a couple tiny things that bothered me. I will probably just stick to my regular hair and shampoo routine for now.

Have you ever tried something that you felt pretty neutral about? What type of new products are you open to trying?



Monday Musings Vol. 5: 9/12/16

I am ready for life to slow down a bit, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

On The Blog:

  • I had a post planned for Wednesday of Friday, but I didn’t get the finishing touches done on it. I am hoping to get it out this week.

Love & Life:

  • My mom went into the hospital on Tuesday, so I left work early to go see her. She has had a rough week, but is doing better now.
  • Michael and I went to see “For the Love of Spock.” It is a documentary about Spock and Leonard Nimoy. It was really good.
  • I went to the baby shower and finished the diaper cover and hat.
  • Saturday night, Michael and I went to see La Rondalla Romantica de Dallas for one of Michael’s class assignments. It was interesting to hear a different type of music.


  • I polished up my resume so I can get it sent out to some places.
  • I attended an Terry alumni and current scholar pizza party and UTD. It was great to see how some of the freshmen that I interviewed were doing.

Recently Purchased:

  • Bath & Body Works had a sale so I stocked up on some lotion and got a free three wick candle.
  • I got two new tops this week. They are just some nice sleeveless work tops that were only $3 each.


  • My first Christmas gift project is really taking shape. Hopefully the next two go just as smoothly.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: My hockey podcast, Puck Podcast, has started their season preview which means the NHL season is right around the corner!
  • Music: I’m pretty much in love with the new Gavin DeGraw album.
  • TV: I’ve been binge watching The West Wing while I work on my crochet projects. I just got to the season that was aired in 2001 and you can definitely tell there was a shift in thinking.


  • I need to read more. I’ve just been so busy that reading has taken a back seat to the rest of my life.


  • The World Cup of Hockey prelim games have started. I have not had time to watch any yet, but I’m so excited to watch hockey again.

Looking Forward To:

  • Terry Luncheon
  • Michael’s Move (He will be so much closer to me)
  • World Cop of Hockey Officially Starting

Link Love:


Monday Musings Vol. 4: 9/5/16

It has been a pretty busy week with a little of everything. I had quite a few ups and downs this week and a lot of insecurity about my future, However, I am trusting God to get me through everything.

On The Blog:

Love & Life:

  • Michael and I went out on a date on Tuesday which was really nice. We went and saw Kubo and the Two Strings. It was a good movie and I enjoyed the time with Michael.
  • Friday night, we had a surprise party for a friend. It was fun to get to hang out with everyone all at once and I got to bake a cake for it!
  • We went to a Frisco RoughRiders game while Grandma Michelle was in town. It was a lot of fun to see my family and take in a minor league baseball game with fireworks at the end.
  • Sunday night, my stepdad had a party for my mom’s birthday. The taco bar was great and so was the cake. Afterwards, Michael and I headed to Dallas to see a Tom Petty cover band with some friends.


  • This week I found out that I will need to get a new job by the end of the year. The reasons are complicated, but that is the bottom.

Recently Purchased:

  •  I’m on a bit of a spending freeze right now. I’m just trying to make sure I have a lot in savings in case my jobs don’t overlap.


  • I’m about half way done with one of the Christmas gifts for my sibling. I;m really excited about them.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I need some new podcast suggestions. I’ve been going through podcasts pretty quickly lately.
  • Music: I’ve been really enjoying the Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify curates for me every week.
  • TV: I’m finishing up Homeland. It is a really intense show, but I really like it!
  • Gaming: Overwatch Season 2 has started so all ranks have reset. Time to work on my new ranking.


  • I’m trying to pick out my September Kindle First book.

Looking Forward To:

  • UTD Terry Pizza Party
  • Baby Shower for my cousin on Saturday

Link Love:

  • I really enjoyed reading Alissa’s thoughts through one day. I could really relate to some of them.
  • I want to try all of these apple recipes. I love fall baking.
  • I love the way Tif and Becky styled these LuLaRoe pieces. I really want to try some of those leggings.

Port Aransas Beach Vacation Recap

So a little over two weeks ago, I headed to Port Aransas, TX with my dad, stepmom (Michelle), sisters (Jacquie & Tori) and half brother (William) for a 5 day beach vacation. It was really 3 days because two of the days were spent driving, but it was a total of 5 days away from real life. I wanted to share a brief recap and some of the pictures from the trip. The photos were taken by a mixture of my family.


The day before we left, I went to a morning wedding. It was at 10:30 so I figured I would be home pretty early in the afternoon. Turns out I got home around 3 so I had to speed pack and do laundry, but I managed pretty well and packed pretty lightly (for me). All three of us girls spent the night at my dad’s so we could leave really early in the morning.

Packing for Beach
I can pack light!
Mouse says no
Mouse didn’t want me to leave.

Day 1:

We made a couple stops on the way down to Port Aransas. We left around 5 in the morning so we stopped in Round Rock for donuts. We also stopped in San Antonio because Michelle and William had been at a gender reveal party in Tulsa the day before and flew into San Antonio. We also stopped in Corpus Christi for lunch and to do groceries for the week. By the time we got to the condo on Mustang Island, we were ready to relax.

Day 2:

The morning was spent resting and relaxing. We had lunch at the condo before heading down to the beach for the afternoon. The condo we stayed at had private beach access which was really nice. We got to play in the waves and use the body boards. We also went into town and checked out the candy shop there. I had gummy candy (my favorite) for the rest of the week.

Name on Beach
We all wrote are names in the sand.

Candy Store 2

Candy Store 1
Outside the Candy Store
Gummy Penguin
How cute is this gummy penguin?

Day 3:

It looked like it was going to rain in the morning so we actually spent the day in Corpus. We did some shopping in the morning and then went to the USS Lexington . It was really cool to tour the ship. The downside is when I dropped my phone on the metal deck and cracked my screen. The lower half of my touchscreen stopped working and I couldn’t unlock the phone. Thankfully, I have a Pebble watch that I can send texts through.

Lexington Sign



Lexington Brig

Gun and William

Fighter Plane

Day 4:

This was our last day at the beach. We had fun building a sand castle and gathering shells from the beach. A storm came in before we did anything in the water, so we spent the afternoon inside. That evening we did go on a sunset dolphin tour that was a lot of fun. My mom made my sisters and me matching dresses that we wore on the tour.

Sand Castle
Our sand castle with a lake
Searching for Shells
Collecting Shells
Siblings on Boat
On the dolphin tour
On the Boat
I really love this picture of me.

Day 5:

We pretty much just drove all day. I got home in the early evening and got ready for work the next day. I did manage to get my phone unlocked which was really nice.


Overall, it was a great end of summer trip. I enjoyed the time with my family an d the relaxation of the beach.