Wednesday Reviews: Drawing the Line

Tic-tac-toe three in a row! So this is the third week in a row of my reviews. I’m pretty excited that I have maintained this!

As a reminder, these are products I bought and use. If you purchase form a link, I get a small commission, but all opinions are my own.

This week, I have decided to talk about some eyeliners. I have quite the collection so I figured I would go with these three brands in eight colors.

First, the eyeliner I use the most is the Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil. I have four of this eyeliner and use three of them pretty much every week. The colors from the top down are Halo, Indigo, Penny and Silver Dust. These literally glide onto my eyelid. It is a very smooth application and it lasts all day. It is a bit tough to get off with a face wipe at the end of the day, but I think it’s worth it.I don’t use the halo color that much, mostly because it doesn’t show up too much and tends to just turn the pencil colors from the eye shadow.

I do love the sparkle and the pigmentation of these pencils. All but the halo really show up well against my eye shadow colors.

The top two colors in this swatch picture are both Julep Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum and Navy Smoke. These are really old and they don’t make them anymore, but these are their new similar formula. Once again, these are gel so they go on very smoothly. I prefer the Ulta ones because they are shiny and sparkly. I just really love to have sparkle on my eyes. These are more matte than sparkly.

The next one down is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Stag. So this is my very favorite eyeliner as evidenced by how small it is. This is the eye liner that goes on the smoothest, stays on all day and comes off pretty easily with a make-up wipe. This color is a matte one, but I have been wanting to get more in pretty sparkly colors.

The last eyeliner is Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner. Can you tell I am obsessed with gel eyeliners. So I got this sample as a gift, and while it works as a black eyeliner, it is not my favorite. I find that it skips more than the others. I also am not a fan of the fact that it does not sharpen. Once the end gets dull, there is no way to get sharp again. I like it enough to not buy one to replace it, but not something I would buy.

What are some of your favorite gel liners? Do you have some non gel liners that go on very smoothly?

Let me know!