H54F: End of July

It’s Friday! This month has been really busy at work and at home so I have not been blogging as often as I want to. I have had lots of ideas for blog posts, but I just have not had the time, but today (actually last night) I made time to put this H54F together to link up with Tif, Katie & Della! I’m covering two weeks again. This is not looking good for one of my July goals.

On July 15, Michael and I went to one of his co-workers’ wedding. I loved getting to dress up and I got a blow out at the Drybar before hand. The wedding itself was a lot of fun as well. Lots of dancing and we sent the couple off with massive sparklers.

Pre-Wedding Pic

That Monday, I got my official IREM pin. I was pretty excited. IREM stands for the Institute of Property Management. It’s an organization that will help me in my industry a lot.


July 19 we had our Tenant Summer Event. It was a Hawaiian Luau with smoothies and other fun Hawaiian snacks. We had a steel drum band as well as a photo booth.  We had lots of fun and our tenants really enjoyed it as well.

Office Part
Photo Booth Craziness

I went with my Dad and Michael to see Star Trek on the Friday that it came out. I love Star Trek and to be able to see the new one with the two men that share that love with me was awesome. We went to Alamo Drafthouse so they had a little area that you could take pictures in. Of course Michael and I both dressed up. I pretty much take any opportunity to wear this dress that my mom made for me when I went to DragonCon last year.

Star Trek

The next day, Michael and I went on a lunch date to Cheesecake Factory. It was nice to spend some time just to two of us, especially because August is starting to get packed. We have Quakecon as well as separate vacations and he will start classes again so I am taking advantage of little opportunities to have time together.

Cheesecake Factory
He’s so cute!

That’s the highlights from the past two weeks. Like I mentioned above, August will be busy for me. I am going to really try to write posts ahead of time and schedule. I am finding that is the easiest way, especially since I going on two vacations in August. I will be documenting those vacations on Snapchat (bekahm21) and Instagram (pinkpearlsandhockeyskates) so feel free to keep up with me there!

Look for my Small August Goals on Monday as well as my first Monday Musings post!

What are some of your highlights from the past week or two?