July Small Goals

Half of 2016 is already gone! It’s seems like just yesterday that I was celebrating New Year’s Day and now I am celebrating Independence Day. I am pretty excited that it is a Monday today, yet I have no real plans because I don’t have to work. Anyway, this post is not about me choosing to be boring on a holiday, so let’s recap June goals.

  1. Complete the Everyday Unicorn Challenge: I started out strong, but quickly lost track as I do with most Photo Challenges. I really need to stick to one though!
  2. 26 Before 26 List: I actually succeeded at this and posted it to my blog! I was pretty excited about this! One of my goals: Take a picture every day! Check-out my Instagram to follow along on that progress.
  3. Read Three Books: Done! I read the last two Fourline books and then another one called Terms of Use. All three were good and free through Kindle First Books and Kindle Lending Library.
  4. Get and Play Overwatch: Michael bought this as an early birthday present, partially so we could play together. I am getting better at it slowly but surely. I have been playing the D. Va character a lot so I am feeling like I need branch out a little more.
  5. Have an Awesome Birthday: Although the day of my birthday was not great, my friends and family made sure that the weeks surrounding it were awesome, so I am counting this as done!

Four out of five is really not bad. Now on to July goals:

  1. Work-Out 5 Times a Week for 2 Weeks: My doctor said that I should work-out ffive times a week since I am heavily predisposed to diabetes and that really is the best way to stave off diabetes, so I am starting small and building up.
  2. Post 2 Times a Week: I have really let my blogging fall to the wayside this past month. I need to work on sticking to my editorial calendar more! I had one for June, I just let myself get lazy.
  3. Only Buy Clothes if I Sold Clothes: I need to only be buying clothes with money that I get from selling some of my old clothes. This past month I sold some stuff on Poshmark and was able to get two tops! I need to stick to this rule in order to stick to my budget well.
  4. Get Ready for Quakecon: This is a goal that is more applicable for the end of the month, but still a goal. This year is the first year that I will be at the BYOC and not just stopping by to visit the boyfriend. It starts August 3rd so I will need to pretty much be ready by the first. I need to have packing list, get really good at Overwatch and make sure Mouse is taken care of during that weekend.
  5. Finish my 3 Months of WW Strong: When I started Weight Watchers at the end of April, they had promotion that if you lost 10 pounds in 3 months you got a $50 gift card. I reached that goal and then my BFF trip and birthday tripped me up a bit. I really want to finish these three months of the promotion really strong and go beyond the 10 pounds.

I’m definitely excited for this second half of the year! Check out everyone else’s goals on Nicole’s link-up!


H54F: Kelly Cup Champions

Good Morning and Happy Friday! As always, I am linking up with Katie, Tif & Della for H54F. It has been a busy week, but a fun one.

He’s so cute.
  1. Last Friday, Michael got me Overwatch as an early birthday present. I think part of his motivation is that he wanted to play it with me instead of just taking turns on his account. I love the game already. My favorite character: D. Va. My battle.net tag is BekMal#1779 if you want to add me.

    I may have helped the two little ones gang up on Riley.
  2. Saturday, my Aunt Brigid, Grandma Michelle, cousin Lily and family friend Deb came up for a visit from the Austin area. I got to go swimming with them and my step brothers. It was so much fun! Afterwards, we went to Twisted Root for dinner. So good! They stopped at Magnolia Market on their way up and got me a candle and tote bag for my birthday.
  3. Sunday, I got to help in my first preschool class at church. I love my church and I was so excited to get to serve in some way. I loved playing with the kids and watching them learn about Jesus.
  4. Thursday, during the day, I went to my second IREM luncheon. It’s always great to meet more people in my industry and the food is pretty good too.

    Allen Americans 1
    High Spirits During the First Period
  5. Last night, I crossed one of the few items off my bucket list. I watched as the Allen Americans (my local ECHL team) won the Kelly Cup. It was an intense game, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is their 4th title in 4 years. They won the President’s Cup two years in a row while in the CHL and now have won the Kelly Cup two years in a row as part of the ECHL. I’ve been to quite a few games this season and in past seasons, but nothing compared to watching last night’s post game ceremony. You can see all the pics and videos on my SnapChat: bekahm21.

I am pretty excited for everything this next week holds. I am turning 25 next Wednesday, but the celebrations start tonight!