H54F: Two Week Recap

It’s Friday and I have a half day at work, so I am over the moon.

You may have noticed that I have not posted in two weeks. My week nights were very busy during that first week and I did not have a chance to put a post together. The second week, I purposely did not post on my blog. As I am sure you have heard, Thursday, July 7 my city was rocked by a violent act. At the time, I was not sure how to put my feelings into words and chose to stay off the blog for a bit. I didn’t want to go n with blogging like nothing happened, but I also did not know how to express my feelings.

I am going to be recapping the past two weeks for H54F, so here is goes!

July 4th weekend was fun and relaxing. We did not do a whole lot. We saw a movie Saturday. Sunday, I went out with family to celebrate my little sister’s 20th birthday, and on Monday, Michael and I took Chewie to the dog park. Pretty good weekend in my opinion.

My baby sister is adorable!
He loves the dog park for all the people, not the other dogs!

Last Thursday evening started out really well. I have a Girls’ Night with tow of my friends from church at a Cru Wine Bar in Plano. We had a lot of fun, talking and drinking. When I got home, I found out about what was going on less than 30 miles away. I stayed up late watching it unfold. Like most Dallas people, most of Friday was spent listening and watching the news for all the details.

This past Sunday we celebrated Tori’s birthday again, but this time at my mom’s. During the afternoon, Jacquie and I took Tori shopping and some good sister time together. That night, we did birthday dinner and then had some amazing cake. Tori’s childhood best friend’s mom now makes and sells goodies in the Dallas area and she made a beautiful cake for Tori. Look her up on Facebook at Sweet Smith Bakery. I highly recommend her. The cake was sour cream almond and oh so delicious. Look at the detail on these flowers!

Monday, I hosted my small group at my apartment. We had dessert night so I tried a new Pina Colada cupcake recipe. They were pretty good. I always enjoy hosting people at my apartment, and I love my church small group.


Last night, I was elected as the 2016-2017 President for the Terry Scholars Alumni Association- DFW Chapter. I am so excited to be part of this team and for everything that will be happening this year. I will be writing a blog post this month about the Terry Foundation, Scholarship and what it has meant to me.

So that is a condensed version of the last two weeks. As always, I am linking up with Della, Tif & Katie!

I am so excited for this weekend. Michael and I are going to a wedding tonight, so I am using that as an excuse to have my first DryBar experience and I am so excited about it! We also get to go down to Austin for my cousin’s 8th birthday and to see some friends. It will be a full, but fun weekend!

What do you have going on this weekend?