Monday Musings Vol. 3: 8/29/16

I can’t believe it is already the end of August. The summer has flown by. Here’s to hoping that the rest of this fall semester flies by just as quickly.

On The Blog:

  • Working on a beach recap and September Small Goals.

Love & Life:

  • We celebrated my step-brother’s tenth birthday last week. He had a cool Batman vs Superman cake.
  • Mouse had a UTI this week so he has been peeing everywhere and had to be taken to the vet. He is quite the little terror at the vet. It was not a fun experience for anyone.
  • Michael started classes this week, which has meant adjusting to seeing him less. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?


  • Work has really ramped up lately because it is budget season. Lots of calls and spreadsheets being made.
  • I had a couple of Terry related meetings this weekend. I had to drive out to Denton twice which was less than fun, but worth it.

Recently Purchased:

  • I spent all my money on Mouse and the vet this week.


  • I’m working on Christmas gifts. I have seven things to make so I have to start now.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: One of my friends recommended Radiolab Presents: More Perfect. I wasn’t sure how I would like it since it is about the Supreme Court, but I have actually found it pretty interesting.
  • Music: My older sister and I are going to see Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer in concert in October, so I have pretty much been hyping myself with their new songs.
  • TV: I’m watching Homeland right now. I’m actually well into the third season right now.
  • Gaming: Does Candy Crush count?


  • I’m still reading Timebound by Rysa Walker. I feel an obligation to get through any book I start, but it’s really not my favorite.

Looking Forward To:

  • Roughriders’ Game with the family next week.
  • Long weekend for Labor Day

Link Love:


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