Port Aransas Beach Vacation Recap

So a little over two weeks ago, I headed to Port Aransas, TX with my dad, stepmom (Michelle), sisters (Jacquie & Tori) and half brother (William) for a 5 day beach vacation. It was really 3 days because two of the days were spent driving, but it was a total of 5 days away from real life. I wanted to share a brief recap and some of the pictures from the trip. The photos were taken by a mixture of my family.


The day before we left, I went to a morning wedding. It was at 10:30 so I figured I would be home pretty early in the afternoon. Turns out I got home around 3 so I had to speed pack and do laundry, but I managed pretty well and packed pretty lightly (for me). All three of us girls spent the night at my dad’s so we could leave really early in the morning.

Packing for Beach
I can pack light!
Mouse says no
Mouse didn’t want me to leave.

Day 1:

We made a couple stops on the way down to Port Aransas. We left around 5 in the morning so we stopped in Round Rock for donuts. We also stopped in San Antonio because Michelle and William had been at a gender reveal party in Tulsa the day before and flew into San Antonio. We also stopped in Corpus Christi for lunch and to do groceries for the week. By the time we got to the condo on Mustang Island, we were ready to relax.

Day 2:

The morning was spent resting and relaxing. We had lunch at the condo before heading down to the beach for the afternoon. The condo we stayed at had private beach access which was really nice. We got to play in the waves and use the body boards. We also went into town and checked out the candy shop there. I had gummy candy (my favorite) for the rest of the week.

Name on Beach
We all wrote are names in the sand.

Candy Store 2

Candy Store 1
Outside the Candy Store
Gummy Penguin
How cute is this gummy penguin?

Day 3:

It looked like it was going to rain in the morning so we actually spent the day in Corpus. We did some shopping in the morning and then went to the USS Lexington . It was really cool to tour the ship. The downside is when I dropped my phone on the metal deck and cracked my screen. The lower half of my touchscreen stopped working and I couldn’t unlock the phone. Thankfully, I have a Pebble watch that I can send texts through.

Lexington Sign



Lexington Brig

Gun and William

Fighter Plane

Day 4:

This was our last day at the beach. We had fun building a sand castle and gathering shells from the beach. A storm came in before we did anything in the water, so we spent the afternoon inside. That evening we did go on a sunset dolphin tour that was a lot of fun. My mom made my sisters and me matching dresses that we wore on the tour.

Sand Castle
Our sand castle with a lake
Searching for Shells
Collecting Shells
Siblings on Boat
On the dolphin tour
On the Boat
I really love this picture of me.

Day 5:

We pretty much just drove all day. I got home in the early evening and got ready for work the next day. I did manage to get my phone unlocked which was really nice.


Overall, it was a great end of summer trip. I enjoyed the time with my family an d the relaxation of the beach.


Monday Musings Vol. 3: 8/29/16

I can’t believe it is already the end of August. The summer has flown by. Here’s to hoping that the rest of this fall semester flies by just as quickly.

On The Blog:

  • Working on a beach recap and September Small Goals.

Love & Life:

  • We celebrated my step-brother’s tenth birthday last week. He had a cool Batman vs Superman cake.
  • Mouse had a UTI this week so he has been peeing everywhere and had to be taken to the vet. He is quite the little terror at the vet. It was not a fun experience for anyone.
  • Michael started classes this week, which has meant adjusting to seeing him less. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?


  • Work has really ramped up lately because it is budget season. Lots of calls and spreadsheets being made.
  • I had a couple of Terry related meetings this weekend. I had to drive out to Denton twice which was less than fun, but worth it.

Recently Purchased:

  • I spent all my money on Mouse and the vet this week.


  • I’m working on Christmas gifts. I have seven things to make so I have to start now.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: One of my friends recommended Radiolab Presents: More Perfect. I wasn’t sure how I would like it since it is about the Supreme Court, but I have actually found it pretty interesting.
  • Music: My older sister and I are going to see Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer in concert in October, so I have pretty much been hyping myself with their new songs.
  • TV: I’m watching Homeland right now. I’m actually well into the third season right now.
  • Gaming: Does Candy Crush count?


  • I’m still reading Timebound by Rysa Walker. I feel an obligation to get through any book I start, but it’s really not my favorite.

Looking Forward To:

  • Roughriders’ Game with the family next week.
  • Long weekend for Labor Day

Link Love:

Monday Musings Vol. 3: 8/22/16

So I pretty much skipped a week of blogging. It turns out the condo on the beach had really crappy internet so I couldn’t get a blog post out last Monday. Also, my phone broke on the trip, so all my pictures are on it.

On The Blog:

  • Once my phone is fixed, I’ll do a beach trip recap.

Love & Life:

  • The beach trip was definitely full of much needed relaxation.
  • Michael was on a motorcycle trip while I was at the beach. I got back into town a few days before him. I missed him most those days that I was back and he wasn’t.


  • I’ve started my third Real Estate License class. I am hoping to get it done pretty quickly because it will mark the half way point.
  • I accepted a position on the Terry Scholars Advisory Board. It is a big honor.

Recently Purchased:

  • I got a couple new tops from TJ Maxx while on vacation because they were a good deal.
  • I paid the deposit on my phone screen to replace my broken on, does that count?


  • I am putting the finishing touches on the baby hat and diaper cover. Just need to do the ears.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I love that my church releases podcasts of the sermons. I was able to catch up on our new series since I missed for Quakecon and beach time.
  • Music: Really been into Cake lately.
  • TV: Michael and I finished up a mini series called Ascension. It’s a Sci-Fi thriller. I really liked it.
  • Gaming: I haven’t done much gaming lately.


  • I’m reading Timebound by Rysa Walker. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

Looking Forward To:

  • Getting back into a routine.

Link Love:

  • I have not had a chance to really look at blogs lately.


Monday Musings Vol. 2: 8/8/16

This week has been spent mostly at Quakecon, so I don’t have that much to say for my Monday Musings, but here it is anyway.

On The Blog:

Love & Life:

  • I spent the entire Weekend at a hotel for Quakecon. It was a lot of fun,but a little stressful at times.
  • I had my first facial on Saturday. Michael surprised me with a couple spa treatments at the hotel which was really sweet.


  • Today is going to be so busy since I am catching up on the two days I was off last week.

Recently Purchased:

  • I haven’t really bought anything this week other than food. Yay!


  • I’m still working on the baby hat and diaper cover. I got the diaper cover pretty much done though!

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I’m loving Stuff You Missed in History Class.
  • Music: I haven’t really listened to very much music this week.
  • TV: Michael and I marathoned Stranger Things on Netflix yesterday. So good.
  • Gaming: I got this new Fallout Shelter game while at Quakecon. It’s a mobile game that can be played on PC.


  • I finished The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison this weekend. It is a very good thriller. I just kept reading and reading until the end.
  • Trying to pick out my next read. Suggestions welcome.

Looking Forward To:

  • Going to sleep early tonight.
  • I’m going to the beach with my family next week. We leave on Sunday!

Link Love:

  • Going to consider these books on Neely’s list.
  • I liked getting Paula’s perspective on what to save and splurge on as far as make-up goes.
  • I’ve enjoyed following Caroline’s Take One, Pass It On this week.

Quakecon 2016: What I Packed

First, let me warn you that I am an over-packer! I’m leaving for the Hilton right after work and will be back Sunday and yet I packed 12 shirts. If you are looking for a small compact packing list then just move along because I’m pretty sure I am not able to pack lightly.

I guess I should explain a bit about what Quakecon is before I show you everything that I packed. You can read all about it on their website (linked above). Basically, it is a giant LAN party inside of a video game convention. The exhibit floor and talks are free and open to anyone, but if you want to Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) to set up and play as part of the LAN party, you have to pay for a seat. In the past, I have come for a day to hang out with Michael and see the exhibits, but this year I actually have BYOC seat. It takes place in downtown Dallas at the Hilton Anatole and even though I could stay at my place and drive to and from everyday, it would be inconvenient so instead I am staying in a hotel with a group of friends. Our group of 10 is sharing two hotel rooms so it should be interesting.

Now to talk about what I actually packed last night.


QC Bottoms

As you can tell, I packed lots of jeans. You would think August in Dallas = shorts, but that’s not true for Quakecon. They keep it pretty cold in the BYOC area, since there are thousands of computers in there. I did pack a couple pairs of shorts, since usually sometime is spent outside. I also packed some comfy work-out capris and tights for those long nights of gaming.


QC Tops

This is where I get into trouble. I have so many tops and I really don’t ever know what I will want to wear on what date. I packed 5 nice tops (2 sleaveless, 2 three-quarter sleeve & 1 long-sleeve) , 5 t-shirts & 2 tank tops. Like I said at the top, I tend to over pack. I like to have options, plus I may want to look cute on some days and really not care on others.

Dresses & Skirts:

QC Dress

I’m packing one cotton dress and then my maxi skirt with a tank. These are incase we go out somewhere nicer. Probably won’t go out for two nights, but you really never know these things. Plus the long maxi can be worn in the BYOC if I am just feeling cute one day.

Other Clothes:

The Anatole opened a new water park area this year so of course I had to bring a swim suit. I don’t think they let you swim-up to the pool bars without one.

As mentioned before, the BYOC gets pretty cold so I brought a variety of hoodies and sweaters to keep me warm.

Make-Up& Hair:

QC Make-Up

I’m bringing my everyday make-up stuff. I really like the Gwen Stefani x UD palette because I can go natural or not depending on how I feel/ what we are doing. You will notice most of the face stuff has sunscreen, since I am super prone to burning. I’m also pretty excited to try Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. I’ve read varying reviews so I’m glad to have a sample to try.

QC Hair

My hair routine is pretty basic, so not too much to pack as far as that goes. I do have really thick hair so I bring my own hair dryer on all trips even if the hotel has a dryer in the room.

I’m also bringing the normal toiletries. I am bring my own shampoo, conditioner and body wash since I will be sharing a bathroom and small hotel provided toiletries with 4 other people.

So that’s what I’m bringing to Quakecon. If you have any questions about anything specific you see here, feel free to ask! It would have been too much I think to list every single thing so I just went with the highlights.

Also, I was planning to put most of my Quakecon stuff on Snapchat and then adding a once a day pic to Instagram, but now Instagram has a story feature, so I’m trying to figure that out. What do you think? Snapchat does have pretty filters! Follow me on both to see what I decide. (Snapchat: bekahm21 | Instagram: pinkpearlsandhockeyskates).

August Small Goals

It’s the first day of the month and I have two posts up already. That means it was a productive weekend for blog planning.

Anyway, let’s recap my July goals:

  1. Work-Out 5 Times a Week for 2 Weeks: Yeah, that didn’t happen. I am setting a more attainable work-out goal this month.
  2. Post 2 Times a Week: Another fail on my part. July taught me that I need to spend more time putting together posts if I am hoping to get them up on the blog. Imagine that!
  3. Only Buy Clothes if I Sold Clothes: Okay, so I am counting this one, even though I ended up with more clothes at the end of the month. I bought one t-shirt before I made this a goal and the rest of the clothes were given to me. I did buy a pair of boots, but that’s not really clothes, right?
  4. Get Ready for Quakecon: I’m also counting this as done even though my packing list is not quite complete. I had three big things that meant I was ready for Quakecon. My packing list is started and on it’s way to completed. I played a ton of Overwatch this weekend so I will be competitive by Quakecon (I’m level 23 & level 25 is competitive). I ended up getting Mouse an automatic feeder so that he will stay fed while I’m gone all weekend.
  5. Finish my 3 Months of WW Strong: I’m definitely counting this as done! I managed to lose 12 pounds total in the last 3 months.

3/5 is not horrible, but I missed the mark on my two hardest goals. Hopefully, August will be better.

  1. Use Snapchat and Instagram More: I am trying to be less lazy about my social media and I decided to start with these two. I use both on a somewhat regular basis, but I could do more. I’m hoping to use them both a lot while at Quakecon and on my beach vacation.
  2. Work-Out 2x a Week: So here is my more attainable work-out goal. I’m pretty good about working out at least once, so I am upping that to two times a week. I’m learning that even a small quick work-out is good.
  3. Maintain Monday Musings: I decided to start a regular weekly post called Monday  You can read the first one here. I really want to start strong and post one every Monday in August.
  4. Watch Less TV: I watch way too much TV. In fact, I will put off chores because I just want to sit on my couch, turn on Netflix and crochet. I need to make sure I do everything that needs to be done before I turn on the TV. I’m not eliminating it, just consciously watching less.
  5. Take Mouse to the Vet: For those who don’t know, Mouse is my cat. This is just a chore that I have been putting off for about 2 months. Mouse is out of his monthly medicine and his shots need to be updated so it’s time to take him.

As always, I’m linking up with Nicole for Monthly Small Goals. Make sure to check out everyone else’s goals.

What are some of your goals for this month?

Monday Musings Vol. 1- 8/1/16

It’s Monday and August 1st! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was actually pretty relaxing. I got to spend sometime with friends and family without a long to do list.

I’ve been considering doing a regular blog post for a while and have decided to start Monday Musings. This is a just a weekly way to talk about a few things going on and help keep me on a regular blogging schedule. Without further ado here is my first Monday Musings.

On The Blog:

  • August Small Goals is going up this afternoon.
  • I’m hoping to do a Quakecon packing post on Wednesday, but we will see.

Love & Life:

  • Six years ago today, I met Michael. It seems like that was so long ago.
  • My baby sister is moving into a new apartment this weekend. I am really excited for her.


  • I became an Associate Member of IREM last month.
  • I’m hoping to start my third Real Estate Class this week or next.
  • I have a short work week because of Quakecon! Yay!

Recently Purchased:

  • I got these boots from the #NSale. I can’t wait for Dallas to get a little cooler so I can wear them.
  • I just bought this dress for my friends’ wedding in March. I’m excited to see it in person and try it on.


  • I just started crocheting a puppy dog hat and diaper cover. My favorite yarn (Lily Sugar n’ Cream) was on sale so I had to pick some up and start a new project.
  • I attempted this washi wall collage heart, but failed.

Now Streaming:

  • Podcast: I just finished listening to this week’s Puck Podcast. I love this podcast about all things going on in the NHL. Highly recommend.
  • Music: I heard an older Maroon 5 song last week and remembered how much I loved their less known songs.
  • TV: I am working my way through West Wing on Netflix. I really like it even if it is a bit older.
  • Gaming: I may be a little obsessed with Overwatch. I love that I finally have a team game that I like to play.


  • I am finishing up Journey’s End by Renee Ryan. Not my favorite book ever, but it’s an okay read.
  • I’m finishing up Philippians for my Women’s Bible Study. I memorized the whole book when I was in high school, but I am really enjoying digging into it a little more.

Looking Forward To:

  • Quakecon! We check-in on Wednesday!
  • Seeing our friends who are in town for Quakecon.

Link Love:

  • Loved reading about Stephanie’s geeky love story here.
  • Nicole’s sentiments about wearing Spanx echoed my own.
  • I loved a lot of these finds by Valery as seen in this video.